Blue Apron: Spicy Tacos

A little while ago we had some late night tacos for an impromptu date night! Well we decided to make our own late night tacos with Blue Apron.


This meal did not have as much prep as the Spanish Style Eggs did in our last Blue Apron dish. This was great because I came home from work and put this meal together on my own since hubs was still at work! By the time he got home all we had left was heating up the tortillas.

The prep and assembly were pretty simple. This dish included a “salsa” of halved cherry tomatoes and jalapeño doused with lime juice. It had a side of creamed corn which was pretty easy-sour cream and pan seared corn kernels. The beef crumbles were seasoned with salt, pepper, tomato paste, and a chipotle sauce.


When I saw the word spicy, I was super excited! I like spicy, not burn your taste buds off spicy, but a flavorful spicy. Disappointingly, this dish ended up being more sweet than spicy.

The creamed corn was sweet from, well, the corn. The meat was sweet from the tomato paste. The chipotle paste that you were supposed to add based on how spicy you wanted it was more sweet than anything else. BTdubs, I added the WHOLE thing.

We were both not fans of this meal. There was nothing really bringing all the components together (if that makes sense?) other than all the sweetness. That being said, we all have different palates and enjoy different types of flavors so you may really love this dish.

If we continue with Blue Apron I know this will NOT be a dish we try again! If you have Blue Apron have you tried this dish? What are your favorite Blue Apron dishes? Let me know in the comments below!

A Non-Typical Post-Workout Meal

Since B and I have limited time off together we decided to make the most of a lovely day we did have off. We started our day with coffees and a workout…already pretty perfect!

After our workout we decided to go and get Chick-fil-a grilled nuggets since we had some errands to run in the area. We also had one indulgent plan in the area so off we went. These grilled nuggets have been great when we need a quick and yummy snack.


After inhaling our nuggets we ran some errands and than went off to find what we had been looking forward to all day! Cupcakes!! There is a cupcake store called Dreamy Creations in Northridge. What’s special about this cupcake place is that they have won Cupcake Wars twice…TWICE!

We ended up getting the cinnamon sugar and creme brûlée. We got into our car and immediately bit into the cinnamon sugar. The cake was moist (sorry for those who hate the word!) and the frosting was sweet. It was almost like the icing for a cinnamon roll!


We saved the creme brûlée for after dinner and this ended up being the real winner! My husband even said and I quote, “this is the best cupcake I have had in my life.” It was crunchy from the sugar and the cupcake was soft and dense. We had a side of French cream to go with it. This cream made it over the top delicious! If you are ever in the area check out Dreamy Creations and let me know what you think.

What are some non-typical post- workout meals you have had? Let me know in the comments below!


Blue Apron: Spanish Style Eggs

I had mentioned in a previous post that we decided to check out Blue Apron and this egg dish is one that we chose to come in our box. I had also said that I would post reviews of all three meals so I am here to do just that!


Let me start by saying when it comes to cooking, I am not a follow the recipe type human. I love throwing in random things and making it my way, but for the sake of getting a real feel for Blue Apron we followed the recipe to a T.

To start with, they have these lovely recipe cards. The front includes all the ingredients you need to make that particular dish. The back is the actual recipe…so far so good!


The recipe itself is easy to follow and doesn’t require much guess work. In this dish we basically have eggs in a tomato based sauce filled with onions, potatoes, peppers and zucchini. There was also some parm to put on top of the eggs, bread to toast up, and an aioli to be made.

There is some prep work with this particular meal-mostly just chopping up veggies. Could be annoying if you’re trying to get a meal together super quick, but to be completely fair it didn’t take that long.

Everything came together pretty easily overall, but now for the taste test (my favorite part 🙂 )


We both really enjoyed this dish! It was savory and sweet from the tomato paste that went in. The zucchini and potatoes were tender, but not mushy. The garlic aioli that we made went really well together with the eggs and delicious toast. It really added creaminess and brought the whole dish together.


Could we have made this dish at home pretty easily? Yeah we could have, BUT there are touches like the aioli that I would never have thought of. That aioli really added an extra oomph that made it that much more delicious.

I think that’s what is fun about a box like this-it gets you inspired to try other ingredients the next time you are cooking on your own.


This dish was a major success for us and has us even more excited to try the next one!

Have you guys tried this dish with Blue Apron?

Late Nights

What do you do when you and the hubs have crazy schedules and need a date night? Well, if you’re like us then when the hubs gets off work you make a late night run to a taco stand, wait 30 minutes for your order, and proceed to devour “dinner” at 12am 🙂


We may have woken up bloated and uncomfortable, but I know it’s moments like these that we won’t forget. Sometimes you gotta seize the time you have and make the most of it!

Cheers to all the late night taco stands that make nights like this possible!

Blue Apron

In this house, we love food. Not only that, but we love GOOD food so when the hubs asked if we should try out Blue Apron, I said yes! I had heard a lot of rave reviews about Blue Apron and had been curious to try it out.



When the box arrived on our doorstep we were excited and ready to dive in. All the food came nicely packaged. Everything was kept nice and cold with the large ice packs.


Our box came with 3 meals for 2 people..pretty perfect for us 🙂 We had picked out the Spanish Style Eggs, Marinated Beef Pitas, and Spicy Beef Tacos. The box came with these lovely recipe cards with all the ingredients you would need listed on the front.


I’m thinking the recipe cards will be great for recreating the recipes we end up really enjoying!


I can’t wait to get started cooking our way through this box! I’m pretty sure I know what we will be trying first, but I will keep you posted. I’m planning on doing a review on our three meals so stay tuned for that!


Do you guys do any cooking subscription boxes? Any favorites that we should try?! Let me know in the comments below!


How the Whole Balance Thing is Going

I am a huge believer in balance with everything in life (just like any person) and I have major disdain for deprivation. That doesn’t mean being balanced comes easy and when life gets a little crazy everything seems a bit thrown off.


All the things I usually take for granted got a little thrown in the blender when we moved. Things like working out, eating fresh food, and having balanced meals were nonexistent for a while.

We ate out a LOT including some late night T-Bell runs and had no gym to go to. Even if we would have had a gym, we certainly didn’t have the time or energy.


After about a month and a half we have unpacked our weight scale and just for giggles I thought I would hop on and see the number. Guess what? I weigh the exact same as I had before the move when we were eating well and working out.

I thought back and realized that during this time I was still working full time-so on my feet for 12 hours-and having another full time job of painting and moving and building (again lots of activity).

I didn’t have too much time to think about food until I was hungry and I would listen to my body and feed it what it needed. Okay, the T-Bell runs were more about late night cravings and exhaustion, but it all works out.


When I started this blog I believed that as long as we stay active (no matter the activity) and listened to our body we could find balance with health and enjoying our life. I still feel this way.

Health and balance doesn’t always come in the form of gyms and big green salads, sometimes it’s a late night T-Bell run and building some IKEA furniture 😉

Daily Eats

Hi Friends! Welcome to a full day of eating 🙂 I (somehow) managed to record a full day of eating-from morning cup of jo to nightly dessert. Let’s get the daily eats going!

Started of my morning cup of coffee in this cute cup covered in golden hearts…I mean c’mon, how cute is this!


Basic breakfast: English muffin, avocado, egg, chili flakes on top. I also piled spinach on top of this after I snapped a pic #health


I’ve been craving fruit probably because I was not getting much of it during the past few weeks. Grapes and bluebs were highly delicious


Lunch time=lots of green-ness. Cheese quesadilla and a nice large salad with some salsa verde for dipping


Snack of chili and lime almonds from TJ’s


We went out to eat once the hubs got home and indulged in some Oi Asian Fusion 🙂 our usual loco burger bowl and the new fried chicken adobo bowl. Both delicious!


I’ve been seriously in love with this Urban Bourbon from Ben and Jerry’s. It is just so good. This is actually my second pint! I usually don’t buy two pints of the same flavor in a row so it speaks volumes to its deliciousness!


That concludes this full day of eating! What have you eaten today?!


Ikea…My Storage Hero

You probably don’t know this, but we have moved 🙂 That is, of course, total sarcasm! I feel like I’ve written a lot of posts on moving and painting and furnituring. Anyways, our new home doesn’t have too much in the way of storage so we have had to get a tad creative with our space.

Ikea has been our go-to place to find some cute ways to stash our things. We’ve also been using crates and baskets to keep everything looking neat and tidy! Having a bunch of stuff laying out drives me a tad crazy so you could say that the crates have been helping me keep my sanity 😀

Let’s move on to all the things:

This little nook is actually at the entrance of our home and I kinda love it. The coat/purse rack you are seeing is from Ikea and I am planning on getting a couple more for our closet. I’ve always wanted a place to hang all my bags and I think this will do wonderfully. Since it is also in the picture the mirror is from Home Goods and the key hook is from Target.


Yes that is a gold frame leaning against our staircase…long story short, it was a part of the light fixture in our kitchen. The hubs decided to take it all down! This grey piece was supposed to go in the entryway, but ended up being too big. We opted for the area in our staircase. We are using it as the catch all table. We’ve hidden some random rubber bands and sticky notes in the drawers and no-one’s the wiser.


Let me start by saying that this thing is MASSIVE! Our initial plan was to get one that had wider sides, but they didn’t have all the pieces. Well thank the good Lord for that because  this “smaller” one fits a LOT better in our space. I love the farmhouse vibes it gives me 🙂


I love beverages and this utility cart from Ikea has become the thing that holds all our beloved drinks! It’s cute, has wheels, and gives us plenty of hydration…what more could one girl ask for?


Gray shelving unit to hold all of our sweets and snacks. It’s the perfect size and I love the minimalistic openness of the whole thing. We got all three of the bigger crates from Ross and the two at the top are from Target!


I’ve been really enjoying seeing this house become our home. It hasn’t been the smoothest of rides, but we are putting a lot of love into this place and it’s rewarding to see it become ours.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know in the comments what some of your favorite Ikea finds are. Have a gorgeous weekend lovelies!

Oh the food we will eat…Fritzi Coop

Eating at the Fritzi Coop happened completely by accident. We happened to be at the Grove and I happened to need a snack. I was thinking something small to get me through till dinner, but the hubs also decided he was in need of a snack so we figured we would split something.


We mosied around all the stalls until we stumbled into the Fritzi Coop. We were initially looking at their wings…they were all out so we settled on the Red Rooster. It was a grilled chicken breast, sriracha lime aioli, and fresno pepper slaw.

We also couldn’t help but get some curly fries 🙂

I have had many chicken sandwiches in my time and this one by far outshines all the rest. It was spicy and crunchy from the slaw and aioli, but the chicken was perfectly juicy and tender. The bun was soft and pillowy, but held up so well to all the ingredients.


The curly fries were crispy on the outside and had a nice fluffy inside. Our taste buds were delighted and our tummies were full and happy!

If we are ever at the Grove and in need of a snack I know where I’ll be going 😉

Home Favorites

I think my favorite part of the moving process has to be shopping for home items. Target has always been a bestie, but now that list has grown to include Home Goods, Ross, Ikea and so on. I wanted to share with you a few finds that I am just loving!

These coasters. I just think they are so beautiful!


Salt and pepper shakers from Target. We didn’t need them, but they just were going to go so well with the rest of the house so how could we not?!?


A fruit bowl. We didn’t have one (we had been using a colander) so this was a great find at Home Goods 🙂


This crate. It’s been great for stashing away cups and bowls so everything looks nice and neat.


What are some of your favorite items that you have in your home?