Delicious Eats From This Past Week

Hello hello!! Today I bring you some of my tasty eats from this past week.

I woke up one morning craving an egg+cheese+croissant sandwich and decided that it must happen ASAP. When your girl is determined she gets it done! It was absolutely drool worthy…


This grilled cheese was what I opted to eat because hunger hit on our way to Santa Monica and I needed some yummy food to hold me over till we got there…


Once we reached Santa Monica we had this bowl of greens from a Sweetgreens (love that name!)


This is a dish I dreamt up and made…halibut tacos with guac and topped with cruciferous mix (I forgot to get a cabbage mix…oops!)


First time trying Pinkberry and it was phenomenal!


Continuing on with egg, cheese, and carb obsession…don’t worry I always have a big side salad πŸ™‚



What have you guys been eating this week??




Friends, don’t kill me. We’re still on the hunt for a good meal subscription box and that search has led me to this particular box, Plated.


I was drawn to this subscription because of mainly one reason-many of their recipes used ingredients I was unfamiliar with and/or had previously never cooked with before. Ingredients like fresh fennel and gochujang paste came in my box nicely packaged to maintain freshness.


When setting up your subscription you have the option to choose how many meals a week you want and for how many people. We decided to go with 4 meals for 2 people (duh, there’s only 2 of us)!

We went for a blackened salmon sandwich, curried lamb tacos, Korean turkey burgers, and seared steak.


These are all things we enjoy, but taken up a notch and that excites me!

I’ll be bringing you along as we check out Plated and this may be putting my foot in my mouth, but comparing it to the other boxes this may be the one we keep πŸ™‚

Let me know if you have tried Plated and what your thoughts are in the comments below! Until next time have a beautiful Monday!

Currently Loving

Happy Friday friends! Do not despair, the weekend is almost here πŸ˜‰ and on that note I want to bring you another favorites post. Here are some things I haven’t been able to get enough of:

This water bottle was a gift and it was seriously THE best gift! It’s cute and it keeps my water COLD for what seems like ever and ever…and ever


The hubs brought home these beautiful tulips and I had taken a pic and seeing it made me smile…that color is just gorgeous!


These little bowls with the steaming lids are everything! They are the perfect size bowl for cereal or any type of bowl food and they have the loveliest colors and designs on them.


This shelf was such a good find! We were out walking and decided to wander into a Good Will. We found this book shelf to fit perfectly by our couch so it could hold books/magazines, but also act as a sneaky side table!


What are you lovelies loving currently? Let me know down below πŸ™‚

Soba Noodle Salads

This girl is always looking for healthy, delicious meal ideas to take to work. I work 12 hour days so I need something that will be filling and nutrient dense, but also feels satisfying. We have 30 minutes for lunch so I don’t have time to be doing a lot of heating/putting things together so I like something that is easy to prep as well.


No, I’m not studying for finals I am just prepping my tofu by squeezing all the water out πŸ˜€

This soba noodle dish is a great option that meets both of those requirements. It’s filled with cabbage, cilantro and bell pepper (I used a red one) and the peanut sauce makes gives it that extra oomph to make it completely satisfying.


I had some raw spinach along with this meal to get some extra greens in, but I think it would be completely fine on it’s own. The soba noodles and veggies give some good carbs, the tofu lends the protein, and the spicy peanut sauce adds fat to keep me going strong for the rest of my shift.


If you are interested in making this concoction just chop up some of your favorite veggies (broccoli, Β any color bell pepper, snap peas, green beans, mushrooms, cauliflower), boil up some noodles, cook up whatever protein you have on hand and make some peanut sauce.


I seasoned my tofu with just salt and pepper since I knew it would be coated in peanut sauce anyways, but you can always add whatever seasoning you prefer.

For my peanut sauce I always use a 1 to 1 ratio of PB, water, and soy sauce. You can add brown sugar or honey for a touch of sweetness (add to taste). I enjoy heat so I always add some chili flakes, sriracha, or both for some spice. Seasoning wise I will add in what I have (fresh minced garlic, garlic powder, ginger powder, etc). Last, but not least I always add a squeeze of lemon juice to brighten it all up (lime juice will also work).


I thought about sautΓ©ing the veggies, but decided against it since I had prepped this for a few days of work lunches. I also left out all my veggies (including cilantro) till I was ready to eat because I hate soggy veggies!


This meal was totally satisfying and delicious and it will definitely be on my regular lunch rotation now!


If you try this “recipe” out let me know what you think or if you have your own soba noodle salad recipe let me know what your favorite add-ins are! Happy hump day πŸ™‚

Leftover Transformations

“Transformation” may be a little dramatic, but I really do like to pizazz up (is that an actual saying??) my leftovers! It can be leftover take-out or just left-over ingredients from previous recipes.


Here are some of my favorite transformations as of late:

This shrimp and zoodles included leftover crushed tomato and leftover pesto. I made two different types of zoodles (one with tomatoes and one pesto)! Both were delicious and nothing went to waste!


After making zoodles I had 1 zucchini leftover…what is a girl to do? I made breakfast tacos πŸ™‚ I seasoned (and spiced) up chunks of zuch and added in eggs and cheddar cheese. It was spicy and savory and oh so good πŸ™‚


This last one is a take-out transformation, but it was pretty simple (not really a transformation at all…). I took my left-over pad thai and threw in another egg #protein and stir-fried in some cruciferous mix for extra health!


Not a Makeup Guru

Hello my loves! I will just let you know now that this is NOT a food post! I know can you believe it? I just could not help myself and had to share this beauty with you guys. Since the day I ordered it I have been eagerly awaiting its arrival and it’s finally here!!


I am talking about the Nubian Palette and this Saharan Blush Palette from Juvia’s Place. If you haven’t heard of this company I highly suggest you check them out. They have some absolutely beautiful makeup and it’s pretty affordable. I was able to snag this eyeshadow and blush palette for under 40 bucks!


The pigmentation is amazing and I cannot wait to start playing around with it πŸ™‚ I’ve been YouTubing tutorials all morning!


Let me know what products you have been excited about in the comments. Don’t worry food posts will be back soon!

Hello Fresh: Burgers

This is the last meal in my Hello Fresh review and let me say it ended on a super delicious and delightful note πŸ™‚


If you have seen any of my past posts you know that we do enjoy a good burger and it’s one of our favorite things to make when we’re at home. Based on our burger love alone we figured this would be a favorite for the both of us and it was!

This burger had delicious balsamic onions and garlic aioli spread all stuffed inside of a brioche bun. Instead of making a side of fries-it came with cauli and panko so we could make cauli fries! Similar to the other two-this meal had very little prep and it all came together pretty quickly.


The cauli fries were crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The burger was amazing. The onions were super flavorful and added a nice balance to the rich aioli.

I would say this was my favorite meal out of the three, but I also know that this is something we could have (and we have) made at home.


If you have tried Hello Fresh let me know your thoughts and some of your favorite meals down in the comments! Happy Monday everybody!!

Brunch at Home

We had some crushed tomato sauce left over from our Hello Fresh pizza night and we hate wasting so I decided to make a fun brunch pizza πŸ™‚

20170818_121957I added a side salad and dressed it by combining tahini and EVOO-so good!


This pizza was super easy and quick: I used a piece of naan bread I already had as the base, layered on some crushed tomatoes, some mozz, salt, pep and chili flakes, and finally cracked an egg over top.


This all happened after a leg workout so I was starving and food never tasted so good! I love using up random ingredients by making something super yummy. What are some fun things you make when you have left over ingredients?

Late(r) night eats

Now, I can’t tell you that eating tacos and burgers late night is the best for you, but for us it happens on occasion and I just look at it as part of a balanced lifestyle πŸ˜‰

We had family in town so after the hubs got done with work we met up with them. They had eaten dinner by the time we met up so we figured we would just grab dinner after.

We walked around LACMA and the Grove with them and then we were on the hunt for dinner. By this point we were ready to eat! We settled on Plan Check since we had heard good things, but also because we had heard of their ketchup leather.

We ordered tacos and their Plan Check burger plus some broccolini #getthosegreens


I think my favorite were the tacos, but honestly everything was super delicious.


The ketchup leather was sweet and lent an almost bbq type flavor to the burger.


Post dinner we decided to stop by McConnell’s for ice-cream. We split their double scoop-he got a scoop of double PB chip in a cone and I got the sea salt cookies and cream in a cup. So sweet and creamy!


It was definitely a top-notch food night for us and we enjoyed every last bite!

Hello Fresh: Chicken Sausage Pizza

Welcome back to another meal πŸ™‚ Today I am reviewing the pizza that we got through Hello Fresh.


In the process of washing the produce and prepping the ingredients…

I was not super excited about this one because I am not a sausage fan in general, but our last meal was super delicious so I came into it with an open mind.

This dish had a pre-made crust, zucchini (to be roasted), sausage (obviously), shredded mozz, and crushed tomatoes. It also had some fresh oregano which was so deliciously fragrant!

Prep was even more minimal with this meal than the bbq chicken dish so that was a plus. I do find chopping veggies to be soothing, but some days I’m starving and don’t have the time (or patience) to do all that work.


Zucchini roasted and pizza about to be topped and baked!

We also ended up making a side salad to go with this dish since it had only the pizza for your meal. Besides that, we do try to have a side of veggies with whatever meal we have so making a salad was a great way to boost our veggie intake πŸ™‚

The pizza (which was actually more of a flat bread) was good. The roasted zucchini, tomatoes, and sausage paired very nicely to create variance in texture and flavor.


The final product (we didn’t even slice the flatbread) πŸ™‚

I would give this pizza a 4 out of 5 flatbreads. It was good and I would recommend, but I wouldn’t get this particular recipe again.

That’s it for this post! Stay tuned for the final meal we got next Monday πŸ™‚ Have a lovely week!