Lunch at Smorgasburg

If you’ve ever been to any type of food truck/market/vendor event then you know it’s hard to not just hop from spot to spot trying a bit of everything. That is normally what we do at Smorgasburg, but this time around we showed some restraint (we can’t believe it either) and had an actual mini-meal of sorts!

We started off with some sweet potato fries from The Plant Burger. These were seriously the best sweet potato fries ever. They were thin and crispy and salty and sweet. Just perfection!


We had to try out the fried chicken sandwich from Bolo’s. This is a Jidori fried chicken in a Hong Kong buttered bun. It was saucy, fresh, and delicious.


We wouldn’t be us if we don’t end our meal with something sweet so we went for Chichidango and got the strawberry passionfruit flavor. It was so refreshing and sweet, but the ice and fruit prevented it from being overly sweet.


We love Smorgasburg and enjoyed checking out these new vendors! Have you tried any of these spots? Tell me about it in the comments below!



November Eats Part 1

We had a LOT of yummy food in the month of November and I really wanted to share it with you guys so I wanted to throw this together. Let’s just hop right in to the food (per usu):

Noah’s Bagels is our current favorite spot to hit up for an Everything Bagel. This particular day we decided to get a couple of sandwiches. Backstory: This was post-workout, we were starving, and had errands so this was a delicious pick me up!


Square Bar Cafe is a spot we had been meaning to check out so while perusing through an outdoor mall we had to make the stop. We got a mango slushy with boba


Subculture Sandwiches in Long Beach was a major win. The bread is crusty and chewy and their ingredients inside are just as flavorful and delicious as the outside.


Paderia Bakehouse is a bakery I dedicated a whole blog post to already so not much more to say. Check out that post here. We did make a lovely picnic with our Subculture sandwiches and our sweet treats 🙂


Magnolia Bakery has been on my list since forever and I was giddy to go. We tried all the puddings, but stuck with the original (the best IMO). It was possibly the best banana pudding I have ever had.


Leo’s Taco Truck usually has a nice long line, but it goes by quickly and the tacos are worth the wait. They have an amazing toppings/salsa bar. The pickled onions and peppers were my favorite, but be warned that it definitely has a spicy kick!


Milk Jar Cookies is a place I can’t say enough good things about. They have some of the best cookies I have ever had in my life. They are big cookies that somehow remain chewy and filled with all sorts of goodies. I absolutely LOVE this place.


As I was looking through my pictures I realize that this post would be way too long if I keep going so I am going to stop here and make this a Part 1 in a two part series! Stay tuned next Friday to catch the rest. Enjoy your weekend my loves!



Target Haul

Let me start by saying that there is absolutely no food involved in this post! Can you believe it?? Major gasp! You guys know I love food, but I love Target and clothes and beauty too 🙂

I thought since I recently went to Target and bought a bunch of beautiful things I would haul them on here because it’s one of my favorite things to watch/read!

Here we go:

I have to start off on a low note and it breaks my heart a tad bit. This polish by Essie is so gorgeous. This color felt like such a beautiful summer/fall transition, BUT it chips so quickly! I always use a base and top-coat, but it still chips within the day. If you have any tips to prevent this pleeeeeasssee let me know!


Mrs. AlwaysRight by Essie

I did get this polish as well which I have not yet tried, but am excited to do so! It’s this beautiful dark red


Garnet Red by Sally Hansen

I got three tops that I absolutely couldn’t leave the store without…they are all floral and just seemed like good options for the fall and winter in Cali 😀

The first is a cold shoulder top that I have in another light blue color. I love the way that the blue one looks and wear it so often I had to get this one. It’s more summery and this feels more fall/winter vibes with the colors so it’ll be loved during the next few months.


This second one is a long sleeved top. I don’t know if you can see it, but it has a slight bell sleeve which I adored. It’s beautiful and flowy. The back dips a bit lower and has a cute tie so it can be tied up in the back!


The third is also cold shoulder with a bright red floral print, but it’s in this dark navy so it seems seasonally appropriate 🙂 The sleeve part has trim that makes it even more fem and girly. Major heart eye emojis!


I wasn’t in complete love with all of the items in this next purchase, but I saw donuts and I was sold. I mean c’mon how adorable are these??


This next item is functional and cute-I loved the soft, dusky pink. I had a bright pink wallet before this and it was nice and thin and fit everything. I wanted something similar and this one fit the bill!

Did you guys enjoy this non-food related post? I love hauls and thought it would be fun to do one of my own. Let me know what you think in the comments!


Lunch date

When you’re busy and missing bae a lunch date can cheer up your day 🙂 Am I cheesy or what?

Let’s just pretend that didn’t happen and move on, shall we? We’ve been busy people and so we found some time to catch up and grab some yummy sandwiches on a random Wednesday.


Sandwich Study of Heat

We recently stumbled into a Mendocino Farms and so we’ve been trying to find something new to try every time we go. This time we went with The Sandwich Study of Heat and K-Town BBQ Steak Sandwich.

2017-12-02 12.57.12

K-Town BBQ Steak

I’m a little addicted to sandwiches-what can I say?

We obviously had to end our date on a sweet note and we decided on some frozen yogurt. It really hit the spot!


What are some of your favorite ways to have a date day?

Sweet Endings

The weekend is here and I really wanted to end on a sweet note 🙂 I decided to do a picture ode from a recent visit to Paderia Bakery.

We got more than our fair share of sweet treats, but we restrained ourselves from buying the entire bakery display of goodies (pat on the back for us)!

They have cookies, cheesecakes, and malasadas of all different flavors…








I hope you enjoyed this picturesque ode to Paderia and have a weekend as sweet as these treats 😉

Oh the food we will eat…Howlin’ Ray’s

If you haven’t heard about Howlin’ Ray’s it’s a hot chicken spot that is extremely popular. I feel like there is/has been a hot chicken craze sweeping California and Howlin’ Ray’s is supposed to be one of the best.


After having visited Howlin’ Ray’s I will say that you should go because, if nothing else, it is an experience.

Let’s start from the beginning where you will come and experience a nice long line. Bring  good friends and family to wait with you so you can catch up during this time. If you can’t find anyone to wait in line with you for 1-3 hours then bring a good book or make sure your phone is charged 🙂


Our wait was about an hour and a half and after reading some Yelp reviews I think we were lucky. There have been people that wait 3 plus hours! They close at 4, but the good news is that they will continue to serve anybody that is in line. That’s pretty amazing customer service!

The good service continues as you step into the restaurant. It’s small, but it’s bustling. Every worker is smiling and high fiving anyone and everyone and none of it impedes with how quickly they are crankin’ out that fried chicken. It’s a beautiful thing to behold after waiting an hour and a half.



We ordered the quarter chicken (mild heat) and also a hot chicken sando (moderate heat). There is a scale varying from country to howlin’ heat so you pick the spice level you want so no worries about burning your mouth or not having enough heat…they have you covered!


The sandwich was our fave, but the chicken was crispy, juicy, and tender. The level of heat was perfect for both!


We really enjoyed our experience-the chicken and service were above and beyond-but the line kills me. Don’t get me wrong I am glad that we had a chance to experience Howlin’ Ray’s and if you can go I highly recommend it because as I said it is quite the experience!

Have you tried Howlin’ Ray’s?

To my partner in life (and food)

Happy birthday to my numero uno for life! I always say it, but it’s true, you are the bestest friend and husband I could ask for. I can’t wait to celebrate your birthday and spoil you like you spoil me everyday!


Thank you for being my better half babe. I love you further than the moon and back 🙂



Happy (late) Thanksgiving

In our house Thanksgiving is a fave holiday because it usually involves family and food-our two favorite things 🙂 This year the hubs had work and I was on call so we are celebrating today in our own little way.

This basically means we start with one plan that leads to a lot of other plans/ideas and we kinda just figure it all out as we go along. If anything exciting happens I will keep you posted!

Meanwhile, I just wanted to take a moment to be thankful for all the wonderfulness we’ve been blessed with this past year. I am so grateful for all the beautiful people that are in my life and all the amazing experiences that life has brought so far!

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend and had a very happy and delicious Thanksgiving 🙂

Love and hugs friends!

Oh the food we will eat…Don Francisco’s

We were first introduced to Don Francisco because of our “let’s try all the coffee” phase (still currently an ongoing situation). We have a Keurig at home and we tried a few flavors from Don Francisco’s and fell in love. The Kona Blend and Hawaiian Hazelnut are our faves!


Anyway, the hubs texted me a pic of a brick and mortar Don Francisco’s he found on Yelp. I may have squealed! Upon further investigating we learned they not only have delicious Cuban coffee, but also Cuban sammies. Uh yes. This was happening!


And so it did! One beautiful Saturday we headed to DTLA to hit up Don Francisco’s. I got a cafe con leche and the hubby got a cold brew. We shared the vaca frita sandwich.


My cafe con leche was a thing of beauty. It was so smooth and creamy and perfectly sweetened. The hubs really enjoyed his iced coffee as well!


The vaca frita contained flank steak, peppers, onions, and garlic mojo sauce between fresh Cuban bread. This sandwich was like no other-the bread was flaky and chewy and crunchy. The contents were saucy and savory and flavorful.


If you love coffee or sandwiches and live in LA you have to check out Don Francisco’s. This will be a pitstop for us when we’re in the DTLA area!

If you live in LA what are some of your favorite sandwich or coffee places? Let me know in the comments!




Eats in a Bowl

We bought some bowls recently and I can’t help but keep using them for every. single. thing. They are the perfect size for my meals and they keep everything contained. Not to mention that I love (like LOVE) bowl food 🙂

I’ve been pretty basic with this bowl breakfast: a simple avo toast topped with an over-easy egg!


This meal was left over Fuji apple chicken salad from Panera.My husband got me hooked on this many years ago and it’s just freaking amazing…the apples are sweet and crunchy and perfection 🙂


Here is a delicious bowl of pasta and greens:


Last, but not least this meal in a bowl ended up being this blurry pic of a bean and cheese quesadilla with roasted potatoes and spinach. Mostly it was just random bits of things I needed to use up!


Do you have a favorite plate/bowl/dish to eat in? How do you feel about bowl food? Let me know in the comments!