Eats during the move

This is a food blog and I have been neglecting the food part of it recently. So to make up for it I figured I would bring you some of the meals we have been eating during the past couple of crazy weeks!

Chipotle is usually a win and in this massive burrito bowl I had chicken and sofritas, black beans, all the salsa, rice and shredded romaine to top it all off.


This next meal was from Daphne’s…it was a basic chicken stuffed in pita situation. Fries on the side because when you work hard, you eat hard 😉


Lots of Veggie Grill also happened during this time. Santa Fe blackened ‘chicken’ sandwich


We had seen these everything bagels at the grocery store by Dave’s (Dave’s of Dave’s Killer Bread) and had been wanting to try it. They ended up being okay-I like more onion flavor than this had. I made an egg and cheese sammie here. TJ’s cruciferous crunch mix on the side topped with balsamic.


I ate a few blueberry topped waffles during some busy mornings. For an extra punch I have been adding Justin’s almond butter because it’s just awesomeness in nut butter form.


We made some shrimp cauliflower fried rice one night! Sadly, by the time I got to making dinner and taking a picture the lighting was awful.


Veggie Grill again and fries again. These fries were such perfection: crispy, fluffy and just everything I needed.


We had this weekend off and decided to brunch it up at Cici’s. We had a shrimp scramble (Boursin on the side instead of inside the scramble) with hash on the side.


My husband always makes the MOST photogenic frozen yogurt creations. I don’t have that touch, but this was yummy and totally hit the spot on a hot Saturday. Watermelon sorbet+vanilla=all the heart eye emojis


I realize I don’t have very many dessert pics. I think it may have to do with the combination of sweet tooth and impatience 🙂 I hope you guys enjoyed this post! I miss writing more and I can’t wait to get back into a routine so thank you for your patience. Have a great week!


Moving updates

We have finally moved into our new place and are working on all our renovations 🙂 We have placed our bed in the living room while we paint the bedroom and hallway. The master closet and bathroom need to be painted next!

We have decided to change the carpets in the upstairs and so we figured it would be better to wait and wrap that up before moving our bed upstairs.

Once we move our bedroom furniture out of our living room we will start the painting downstairs. It’s nice to see the changes we have already made, but it’s also slow going since we both work full-time jobs.

We’re excited about having our own little home and finding fun things for it. It’s been a journey for sure!

Until things get a little more settled I will be doing weekly posts with move updates, foodie things, or whatever else I happened to be thinking about. I appreciate all your well wishes and support on my last post. It means more than I can say!

Let me know if you have any tips, tricks, hacks to painting/renovating on a budget. We always appreciate the advice especially being  new to the process.

Until next time! Have a great week loves!!

Life Update

Hi friends! I thought it would be a good time for a small chat and life update. To start of with there won’t be any blogs up this week (other than this one). I like putting up content I am proud of and I didn’t want to rush to create more posts when my life is in a bit of chaos at the moment.


Not to worry though…it’s the good kind of chaos 🙂 we’re actually moving! We are staying in SoCal, but just moving to a different location. Moves can be a bit tedious between the packing and the dreadful realization that you have indeed accumulated more things!

Thankfully, I love getting organized and getting things situated so that’s what I have been doing with any spare time I have. I wanted to get settled a bit and get some odds and ends fixed up at the new place so it could feel like home.

That’s all I have for now, but I’ll try to give you guys some updates when we’re done with the move. I hope you guys have a lovely Monday!

Faves on Fridays: Beverage Edition

Happy Friday my loves! How has your week been? Good? Bad? Don’t wanna think about it? How about taking a load off and unwinding with a nice cold drink?

Today I bring you some of my recently discovered favorite drinks 🙂

This Bai mango flavored drink situation is just too delicious. The watermelon is pretty bomb too


Pink Lady Apple flavored kombucha? Yes, please! This is so good. Perfect amount of fizz and a little sweeter than other kombuchas I have tried.


These smoothies have been perfect for work. It’s a super easy way to get some cals in when I have no time to sit and chew. I love the mango, carrot and orange, and the green machine as well.


What are some of your favorite cold beverages? Let me know in the comments!

Oh the food we will eat…Deliteful

We recently visited Deliteful in Thousand Oaks. It is supposed to be a delicious, low carb restaurant that has everything from low carb pizzas to zucchini noodle pastas. As we all know, I have no issues with carbs, but definitely wanted to check the restaurant out because the menu just looked awesome!

We started out with some Peri Peri Chicken Strips and they came with peri peri sauce, which I was excited to try. Our server told me it would be spicy, but it really wasn’t. Flavorful regardless!


We also opted to get a side salad because greens are always good, but especially when you plan on getting pizza for dinner 🙂 It was a traditional salad, but what really made it special was the green goddess dressing. SO. Good.


For dinner we ended up getting the cauliflower crust pizza. I was super intrigued by this because I had never had one! I know, I know foodie fail. I just love regular, thin crust so much though. Long story short, it was um not the best. I have no previous experience with cauli crust, but this was soggy. No buens.


We both decided we would be go back because we had more good than bad. I am curious about their burgers and other dishes, besides that the salad dressing alone would be worth another visit.

Have you guys had cauliflower crust pizza? Do they tend to get soggy?! Let me know down below!

My Eyes are Bigger Than My Stomach

It’s really true. My eyes are always bigger than my stomach! I also just like to try little bits of everything instead of having one big thing. I wanted to share some pics from our weekend off that illustrate the enormity of my eyeballs.


These cookies…I think we both wanted to try all of the cookies from cookie good and so we picked more than we could eat. Not to worry I nibbled on them for a couple of days after!


From left to right: Brownie cookie, salted caramel pretzel, chocolate chunk, red velvet

My favorites (we all know I can’t choose just one) included the chocolate brownie in the cookie and chocolate chip and salted caramel pretzel. The hubs really enjoyed salted caramel pretzel. I love that the have such creatively flavored cookies.


The cheeto cookie: slightly sweet, chewy, with a nice cheeto flavor

Oh, we also got the Cheeto flavored one which surprisingly was pretty good!

I was really craving IHOP on Sunday and decided that I wanted some sweet and savory.

I couldn’t go there and not get pancakes. I mean it is called the International House of Pancakes for crying out loud!


Plus egg whites and hashbrowns. It was all so good! I stole some salsa from B’s breakfast and it totally hit the spot.


Hubby did have to finish my eggs though…but I don’t think he minded 🙂

Are your eyes bigger than your stomach or is it just us?!

Shout Outs to Condiments

This post is exactly what the title states. It’s a shout out to all my favorite condiments.

To sriracha for spicing up my food and making every bite as fiery and delightful as the next.


To salsa for adding some brightness the only way tomato, onions, and peppers can to my egg and cheese burritos.


To balsamic glaze for livening up my veggies and bringing in some sweetness to balance their bitterness


Last but not least, to garlic dip for making every day a Mediterranean day.


I know it’s a silly post, but I don’t think condiments get enough love. What condiments have you been using to spice up your meals?

My Sources of Protein

When I say my sources of protein I mean my main sources of protein. This is what I eat during a busy week when we’re both working. These are items we always have on hand and that I crave and reach for to add some extra oomph to my meals. These things keep me from being hungry 30 minutes later!

Fairlife Skim Milk: I know it’s super specific, but I really love this especially when I’m having something like a waffle for breakfast. It’s got a healthy dose of protein at 13 grams per cup!

Eggs: I wrote a whole post on my love for these so I won’t go on, but they are so easy and versatile that I can’t help keep these in rotation.


Cheddar Cheese: Any cheese, really. I add these to my breakfast burritos or add it into my veggie burritos and I have a yummy and filling meal.

Nut butter: I’ve been taking these Justin’s Almond Butter packets to work to add in some extra calories and protein. Nut butters are great for a protein pick me up and go well with whatever carb you have on hand!


I don’t calories or macros, I just eat what sounds good to me and try to pick the most whole options. I love toast, but I know eating toast alone will leave me hungry a little later so I add avocado and eat a boiled egg with it. Those are all things I love and when I combine them I help my body feel full and happy 🙂

The Little Things

That’s what happiness is about, right? The little things? I took some quick snaps of a few things that made me smile during the week and thought I would share them with you.

Okay I know you’re going to look at this first pic and think, “has she lost it??” Hear me out, I am a TERRIBLE egg peeler. I ruin beautifully boiled eggs with my impatient (sometimes hangry) peeling. THIS egg though…it peeled so nicely. I ended up with my first (possibly only) perfectly peeled egg.


On my walk to get the mail I saw this little guy just chillin’ in the grass and I mean c’mon how cute is this?!


I was feeling hungry and munchy and these almonds came in clutch (as my hubs would say). They were chili and lime flavored almonds and they were delicious!


What’s giving you a little boost of happiness today?

Daily Eats

Since I had the day off I thought it would be fun to chronicle my food for a day via pictures. It wasn’t the sunniest of days so I’m sorry if the lighting seems off, but here’s a look at what I ate in a day 😀

Started my day off right with a breakfast waffle 🙂


Ended up eating the rest of the morning banana with some PB


Thoroughly enjoyed my super green lunch

2017-05-15 15.44.43

Still eating cuties


For dinner I roasted up some potato and sautéed a green bell pepper, mushroom, and onion. Put all of that + scrambled egg + cheese in a tortilla. Ate the leftover veggies on the side


For dessert I finished the other half of my pecan praline bundlet 🙂


Sweet ending to a pretty sweet eating day!