I LOVE weekends especially when the hubs and I are off together! We always get into some shenanigans and eat some fun things!

Here’s a weekend recap:

We started Saturday with a workout and brunch! Brunch included breakfast burritos (veggie and hot link-hot link was the fave)


and shared a donut all from Cofax


We ended up walking around the area for a while and checked out some fun shops and ran into this cool huge tree–this pic isn’t doing justice to how big it really was.


After all that walking I was craving some ice-cream and this place really hit the spot!


Since brunch was so late we didn’t have too much of an appetite by the time it was dinner so we had a meal of bread, butter, brie, and olives. I was floored my husband was down to have this as a meal…but I think he enjoyed it 🙂


We ended up catching a comedy show at the Comedy Store! The hubs is a fan of Chris D’elia and that’s the main reason we picked this specific show.


We ended up staying up pretty late and so we got kind of a late start Sunday morning. We woke up and went to workout.

Post workout we grabbed McDonald’s. I can’t tell you how long it’s been since we’ve had Mickey D’s, but I will say the fries are still bomb!


Post Mickey D’s we went for a nice hike. It was such a gorgeous day and we wanted to be as active as possible!


Look at us looking our best! HA!


That’s my “I’m on top of the world” pose

The hike was also to prepare us for these donuts from DK Donuts…



We picked up some groceries and drove home to chill and relax before the work week! I cannot remember to save my life what we ended up eating that night, but I’m gonna say it was something low-key.

What did you guys do this weekend? Let me know in the comments below!


Breakfast for Days

Can I tell you something?

I sometimes (read: a LOT of the time) take pictures of my breakfast to do a What I Eat in a Day post, but I always forget by the time snack time or lunch rolls around.

Instead of stressing about that I figured I would bring together all my recent breakfasts and make a post of one my favorite meals of the day–the other being dessert, of course!

If you give me tortillas, cheddar cheese, and eggs I can give you breakfast. It may come in the form of tacos….


Or quesadillas. Either way it is delicious!


This “breakfast snack” was because we had just worked out, still needed to shower, and were planning on going to brunch. Just FYI, if you ever see a brunch post in here there’s a 99.999% chance I have had a “breakfast snack.”


TBH it was a great snack–not the most beautiful snack, but tasty for sure!

I needed some spice in my life so I added some hot sauce to this next breakfast sandwich

And as it so happens I also enjoy English muffins as vehicles to get egg and cheese into my mouth 🙂


Do you guys eat breakfast? If you do, what do you eat? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Happy V-Day to this cutie and all of you! I hope you are spending it with the one you love oooor if you’re working like us don’t forget to send some love through a call, text, email, DM, a smoke signal, whatever it may be 🙂

I just wanted to take time today to let you guys know I appreciate you taking the time to read the blog and send you some love and hugs!! Y’all are the best!

Enjoy the day and I’ll see you Friday!

When mom and dad come to visit…

After the Maui trip we didn’t have true vacation blues because the hubs parents were coming to visit!

They arrived the day after we got back and we had THE best time taking them around and you guys know with us that food is always involved 🙂

Here are some snaps from their stay:

Yes, Mendocino was our first stop after they arrived and yes we did love it!


Almond croissant from the farmer’s market at the Grove? Sure, why not?


More sweets for the sweet 🙂


Milk shot in a cookie glass-I have not been doing cookies and milk right!


This cronut from Dominic Ansel Bakery was WAY better than anything I was expecting. It was flaky and sweet!


I’m sure you already know how much we love Midici already from this post and this post and we can’t forget this post 🙂 so it was only natural we took our favorites to our favorite


Post carb-coma dessert


And nothing goes better with donuts than coffee…unless it’s another donut 🙂


If you are ever in LA check out Palms Thai for some well priced and delicious Thai food

Porto’s anyone?!



And I’m pretty sure we got enough pastries to feed a crowd



If you’re ever wanting some good chicken sammies or delicious tenders check out Birdies



We reallllyyyy had a great time with the parents and we were sad to see them go! Let me know what are your spots? Where do you guys take family or friends when they visit? Talk to me in the comments below!


I probably should have done this post before the Hawaii posts, but who cares about chronological order? AmIright??

We had a couple of days off together before our trip and we decided to make the most of it by doing some exploring and some eating. I thought I would share some of those pics with you just for the fun of it!

We’ve really been loving Mendocino so we came back for the Study of Heat and Veggie burger



We never can resist a good frozen treat and these were…well bae 😉

We discovered JJ’s bakery before this trip and if you get ANYTHING from this place check out their mochi cake cream creations. I don’t even know what they’re called other than amazing!


Mango is the best!

We may live in California, but we’ll always be OKC Thunder fans 🙂


Us at the Thunder game!

Prime Pizza for a slice of cheese



What tastes great after a slice of pizza? Well, tacos of course! White Boy Tacos had been on our food bucket list for a minute so it was great to finally stop by and check them out.



I hope you enjoyed this random post with random pics! I’ll see you on Monday!!

My Travel Tips for Maui

I LOVED our recent trip to Maui! It was fun and adventurous and filled with delicious things, but there are some things I wish I knew before getting there.


Keep in mind this is my first visit to Maui so I am strictly speaking from my own experience. If you are an avid visitor of the island feel free to leave your tips down below 🙂

Here are some of my Maui hacks/tips/thoughts for a good stay:

Let’s start with packing:

1. Of course don’t forget your bathing suit and resort wear, but really don’t forget sunscreen and bug spray. Things are more expensive on the island and so save yourself some cash and bring stuff to protect you from the sun and the bugs!

2. Bring a light jacket/sweater. The weather is gorgeous a majority of the time, but it does get a little chilly at night (especially if you’re a baby when it comes to the cold-like me). Take said jacket/sweater to the Warren and Annabelle show if you go…even they recommend it when they send you the confirmation email!

Once there:

3. If you can get a car that will let you take the top down…there is nothing quite like driving through that fresh Maui breeze with the wind in your hair!

4. Just know that people, cars, things just tend to be more chill here so a 10 minute car ride might take 20 minutes. The great thing is wherever you look it’s gorgeous so just take that time to enjoy the view.


5. Eat local-whether it’s Hawaiian comfort food, fresh fish, or other local goodies it’s a part of the whole experience. In Maui, it seemed like a lot of the places were locally owned so we didn’t even have to do much research.

6. Check out Mama’s Fish House, but make sure you make reservations ahead of time. I have a whole post on Mama’s! It was that good 🙂

7. Have some cash on hand-in Maui most places take credit, but there are still some that only take cash. You will definitely need cash if you want to do the road to Hana because I don’t think anyone took credit!

8. That brings me to number 8- do the road to Hana!

When you’re making that drive to Hana:

9. Do your research and find mile markers you would be interested in stopping at. There are so many guides on the Road to Hana so make google your friend! Also, make sure you have it pulled up on your phone because we had ABSOLUTELY no service the whole road trip.

10. Be aware that it is a road with twists, turns, and some roads are single lane. Literally there is one lane for cars going both ways so keep your eyes open and follow signs to yield to oncoming traffic!

11. Bring your own food/snacks. Besides that banana bread at the Half Way to Hana Stand our food adventures were lackluster. There’s plenty of picnic areas with amazing views to eat at. It’ll be cheaper and tastier to bring your own, trust me!


12. Fill up on gas and bring cash. It’s a long trip and there aren’t a lot of gas stations I saw so make sure your tank is full. I know I already mentioned cash in number 7, but I just want to reiterate the importance.

13. Go the WHOLE way around on the Road to Hana. Don’t just turn back around at the last mile marker you stopped at.

14. Make the stop at black sand beach. It’s gorgeous and so worth it!

15. If you want to know some good food places check out my Maui Posts (links down below) #shamelessplug or there’s always our good friend Yelp 🙂

Maui Day 1

Maui Day 2

Maui Day 3

Maui Day 4

No matter how you choose to spend your time in Maui just enjoy it and embrace the island life!





Maui Day 4

Remember those donuts I told you about in Day 2? Well on day 4 we woke up nice and early to get those same donuts! We drove to Donut Dynamite to check out their brioche donuts…yes BRIOCHE.

The owner was so nice and went in depth to explain each of her donuts and how each ingredient makes the texture and flavor of each one unique. It was such a great experience and we even met a local Donut Dynamite lover!

I’m trying to recall the flavors we picked, but I believe we got a Samoa, a lillikoi filled (passionfruit), a calamansi glazed, mango glaze, cinnamon roll, vanilla bean, and brown butter?!


I got some coffee from there and we decided to share a donut before heading to the gym. We split the vanilla bean and it was amazing! If you ever get to try this place check them out! So amazing and so worth it!


Post workout we checked out Like Poke?-a poke truck that had some amazing reviews. Driving here we had no idea it would be a truck, but it was neat to see that there were actually a few different trucks all parked together.


It was a Monday, but there were so many people here to grab lunch. It was super windy, but they had tables set up underneath a tent type situation.


We got 2 poke bowls and the furikake fries which were incredible!


We ended up trying all the donuts for our dessert. The lilikoi and calamansi were tangy, but the mild brioche added a nice contrast to the bright flavors. The mango was sweet and fruity. Each one was so true to flavor!


We went home to get cleaned up because we had made plans to go to the Warren and Annabelle show. I’m not going to go into too many details about the show or this night. I don’t want to ruin it for those who want to see it.

We had some appetizers at the restaurant before heading in for the show…


It was a really cool experience because we got picked along with 3 other couples to sit at the front and help with the show! We got to pick cards, answer questions, pop balloons. Both comedian magicians were hilarious and fun to watch!


The show ended early enough so we were able to make it to Poi by the Pound for a late dinner! Just like the first night we got the Loco Moco on our last night in Maui 🙂


We also stopped for some Paia Gelato…we couldn’t resist!

Our night ended with some last minute packing and a few quick zs before an early wakeup for our flight back home!

I hope you guys enjoyed the Maui blogs. I know it made me happy to relive all these moments with you guys! It was honestly a great trip and I can’t wait till our next big adventure, but for now it’s nice to be home 🙂

I also wanted to shout out my very sweet husband who took the time to take these gorgeous pictures while we were in Maui! He is seriously the best!! Thank you babe for being the greatest most supportive hubs ever!!

That wraps it up and I’ll see you lovelies on Wednesday!



Maui Day 3

I hope you guys are really loving the inventive titles for the Maui Series—it took a lot of thinking to come up with them 😉

Anywhooo welcome to Day 3! Day 3 was one of my favorites, but I won’t lie it wasn’t the best for food. We decided to do the road to Hana this day and it was such a fun adventure. I highly recommend this if you ever come to Maui!


We (by we I mean hubs) had read spots (mile markers) that were worth stopping at and that guided us through our drive.

It was a rainy day so it kept raining on and off so we would put the top on the car down and then a few minutes later be putting it up. The road in general was windy so if you are prone to getting car sick/motion sick just be aware!

Our morning started with a trip to get gas (fill up before you get going so you don’t get stuck), the ATM (you need cash for the road to Hana-nobody takes credit) and coffee (we needed fuel too)

Our first stop was pretty soon after where we went on a mini hike to discover the beautiful Twin Falls. It wasn’t super crowded yet-maybe due to it being early still or the rain. Either way it was so peaceful! On our way out we picked up some pineapple to munch on from the fruit stand.




After this we missed a couple of stops intentionally because of the rain…

We drove on and made another stop at the Half Way to Hana stand that is supposed to be famous for their banana bread. I can honestly see why because it was some of the best banana bread I have had. It was even still warm!


The sun came out for a little bit in perfect timing for our next stop and mini hike. This waterfall was also beautiful, but there was quite a bit more people here than the first.

We stopped at Nahiku Marketplace for lunch and got some fish tacos and coconut shrimp and chips. I will not lie this was really just okay. I would definitely not make this stop if we did this again!


We couldn’t resist checking out the Hana Lava Tube at mile marker 31. I think we paid $12 per person to go check it out. They give you flashlights so you can see in the pitch black cave. It was a cool experience. They have it set up with handrails to guide you and little blurbs along the way about the cave.


Bit of light peaking through a hole in the roof of the cave

If you are interested they have a garden maze which we didn’t stick around for because it was raining!

Our next stop was at Wai’anapanapa State Park (mile marker 32). We came here for black sand beach, but there’s so much more than that. It’s a state park and if you have a permit you can camp out.


We did not camp out but we did some hiking to and around black sand beach. It rained the whole time, but the views and experience were worth getting completely soaked. Wai’anapanapa was our absolute favorite part of the whole trip!


After this we took the road to Hana all the way around (we wanted the whole experience) till we got home. I would recommend doing this instead of turning back around. The views are breath taking!



This road-trip took the whole day and by the time we got back to Paia we were tired and ready for some food! We found a pizza place on Yelp, Flatbread Company, and decided to give it a go. We got their organic salad plus a pizza to share. Half Jay’s Heart (cheese pizza) and half Pele Pesto (pesto made with macadamia, cheese, veggies).




We also felt after a day full of hiking and activity we should try out Paia Gelato. This was an absolute dream! The gelato was creamy and each flavor was so true to what it was supposed to be! I’m drooling thinking about it…




Look at this cute little light switch cover!


We ended up going in Kahului and checking out some stores after this, but other than that we called it a night!



Oh the food we will eat…Mama’s Fish House

I will be completely honest the hubs did a LOT of the planning for this trip including this trip to Mama’s. He found it on Yelp, made reservations, and that’s how we spent our Saturday night in Maui.


We opted to walk because we lived literally right next door and this may have been a slight mistake since it started raining a bit, but immediately stopped after we arrived (Weather: 1 Us: 0).

Also, if you go it’s a great place to take pictures. The rocks and water make a great background. We actually saw so many people posing for photos…it was great people watching!

We were warmly greeted and told to walk to another little hut to check in and wait for our table. It was a quick wait and were taken to our table!



Once there we took in the vibe and view. The water and open lay out, the breeze that was flowing throughout-it was just amazing.

We had looked at the menu earlier and had an idea of what we wanted, but asked our server for suggestions. He was super friendly, easy to talk to and explained the menu very well.

At Mama’s you get complimentary soup and fresh baked bread. The soup was a curry carrot I believe. It was creamy and rich and the perfect little appetite teaser. The bread was warm and the butter was soft and I was basically the happiest girl in the world!



After this came out our delicious apps. We picked out two that sounded amazing:


One being the Macadamia Crusted Crab Cakes


The second was the Kula Avocado and Crab Guacamole


Both were delicious and fresh! The crab cakes were crispy on the outside but sweet and tender on the inside. The guac was THE best guac I have ever had…it had crab. How could you go wrong?


We also got the poi to try. Poi is creamy tapioca of sorts-it’s very mild in flavor, but our server said it went really great with fish. He was right! It added a nice oomph to our crab cake!

For our main we shared the Mama’s Stuffed Fish. It was stuffed with crab and lobster and coated with…you guessed it! macadamia nuts! The fish was flaky and perfectly cooked, the lobster and crab filling was sweet and added a nice contrast.


I won’t lie by the time our main came out I was pretty full, but after taking a bite I found some room 🙂



We were too full for dessert, but they gave us haupia. It’s a coconut dessert with texture similar to mochi. It was honestly the perfect last bite!


I cannot recommend this place enough. It’s pricy, but it’s worth it! It’s not a place you come and rush out, but somewhere to relax and take in Maui. It’s an experience! If you are ever in Maui and get the opportunity please, please go, but do make a reservation.

Later that night…


We ended up needing dessert so we made this creation with macadamia nut ice-cream, pineapple, passion fruit, and mochi. It ended up being the perfect last, last bite 😉

Have you been to Mama’s Fish House? What did you think?

Maui Day 2

Day 2 in Maui we decided to kick things off with coffee and a workout! Maui Coffee Roasters was honestly one of my most favorite cups of coffee while we were there. It was smooth and potent!


Voted the best coffee on Maui? I think so!

I also loved that almond milk was available at every shop no matter how small. They had it out with their sugars and creamers so you could help yourself!

We worked out at the Y in Kahalui if you were curious. We called to see how much the cost would be and they were so nice that they said they would give us a free 3 day trial. It was a great place to go and get in a quick workout.

Trust me, we needed some serious physical activity considering how much food we were eating/planning on eating!

After our workout we were starving (by we I mean “I was starving”) so we decided on Tin Roof. Tin Roof is this tiny restaurant that serves up Hawaiian comfort food. They are quick and efficient which is great because this place was poppin’ and as I mentioned before it’s small so it gets crowded quick!


We got the Mochiko Chicken and Chop Steak both topped with a 1 minute egg.



The Mochiko Chicken was the sweeter of the two and the hubs loved it!

The Chop Steak was savory and delicious and my favorite 🙂


We had some fails after this because there was a farmer’s market we wanted to go to, but you had to pay .50 cents to get in and we had no change and no cash. It was going to close soon so we decided to keep on keepin’ on.

Next we wanted to check out Donut Dynamite, but they had sold out and closed as well. We were super disappointed (but no worries because we did make it there)!

We instead went to Kumu Farms and got pineapple, passionfruit, and a young coconut to drink.


Next to Kumu Farms was another store and we ended up getting coconut candy, salt water taffy, and this delicious bar. I don’t remember what it was called, but it had macadamia nuts, chocolate, and other goodness!


Home Maid Bakery was our next stop for some malasadas. We got one plain and one filled! Both were covered in sugar causing quite the delicious mess.

We were both tired and in need of naps and showers so we drove home and got cleaned up for a romantic night at Mama’s Fish House!

I’m actually going to wrap this post up here and make Mama’s Fish House a post all on it’s own because it hands down deserves it.

I’ll see you guys at Mama’s on Wednesday 😉 till then hugs and love!