Day In the Life+Full Day of Eating

I know that I tend to write about trips, adventures, and eating out, but, friends, that is not a full picture of my day to day. Both the hubs and I work full time so there are days where we are at work all day and then, sadly enough, days when we’re off by ourselves.

Today, I thought I would bring you along on a day where I am home alone! Usually these types of days go depending on what errands need to be run and what tasks absolutely need to get done that day.


The Island Coconut by Green Mountain is the current fave

I always start my morning off with coffee and catch up on emails while sipping up all the goodness 🙂 I think my favorite part has been picking out my daily cup. I also like to spend this time figuring out what I want/need to do and having a general idea of when/how I should go about doing the things.

If you know me you know that I wake up hungry so an hour into scheduling and emailing and I am VERY ready for breakfast!


Seasoned with turmeric, black pep, Himalayan pink, and chili flakes for some heat 😉

I actually mixed up some cruciferous mix (Trader Joe’s) and ended up scrambling this beautiful egg and throwing it all into a tortilla with shredded cheddar. This has been a great way to get in some extra veg and start my morning off strong

After breakfast is when I will start writing blog posts, looking through pics for post inspiration, and reading all of your lovely blogs 🙂


Lunch time rolls around and on this day I wasn’t feeling too hungry so I sautéed tofu and threw it over some spinach topped with this new feta dill dressing. It was delicious, light, and just what I needed.


I did end up having a few of these pita chips with it because they just taste so good…


I’ve been on a watermelon kick so that ended up being “dessert”


On this day it was a fun surprise because the hubs had an early day and got to come home so we ended up running some errands together (grocery stores and a bakery).

We had a fun impromptu date night and went to see Baby Driver and grab dinner out. The movie was good, but not what I was expecting. If you’ve seen it let me know what you thought!


It’s a bit hard to see, but check out this double rainbow we saw after the movies…so pretty!

Dinner was at Urban Plates. It was like a cafeteria type set up-we got the “plates” which includes a protein, two sides, and a piece of bread.

I went with salmon, mashed potatoes (so good!), and broccolini


The hubs had chicken, cucumber/tomato/mozz salad, and squash in tomato sauce. The squash was seriously amazing. Perfectly cooked and so savory!


The bakery I mentioned earlier on our errand run was Nothing Bundt Cakes. They had a new confetti cake flavor and I had to try it! It ended up being so. so. good. and the perfect  sweet treat to end the day.


We always like to end our days with a sitcom of some kind-Big Bang and Happy Endings are two that we’ve been really enjoying!

I know it wasn’t the most exciting day in the life post, but I wanted to share a more typical type day in my life. I hope you guys enjoyed and please let me know what you thought about the post!


10 thoughts on “Day In the Life+Full Day of Eating

  1. Blushy Darling says:

    I legit can’t choose what meal looked better! They seam so teasty! The rainbow it’s pretty! Would you mind check out my page? It would mean the world to me, maybe if you want we can follow each other?
    Love, Mimi

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