The day a donut was my friend

If you read my last vegan lunch post then you knew that this donut place is where it all started. Also, I can’t pick which way to spell donut/doughnut so I’m just going to go with whatever feels right at the moment!

Donut Friend has been on my list of places to check out and I am happy to say that we finally made it. The donuts here are vegan (I do believe) and they are delicious (trust me, I tasted them).


The whole concept is that you pick a donut and can add fillings, glazes, toppings, etc to make your donut creation.

They have pre-made ones that you can pick from if you want to try a tested and true flavor combo. They have delicious eat on their own good donuts as well!

We made our own and got a creme brûlée and blueberry cake donut to round it all out.


The BYO creation ended up being glazed donut with Nutella filling, vanilla glaze, and topped with pretzels. It was sticky and sweet and there was glaze and Nutella everywhere!


The blueberry cake was okay and a tad dry, but the flavor was delicious. I think this would go awesome with some almond milk.


The creme brûlée was a yeast donut with a nice crunchy top and creamy center. The textures alone made this one of my faves.


Our top pick was definitely the BYO. It was just so good and we put all our favorite things in it so…I mean, there was no going wrong.

If you were building your own donut what would you put in it?! I’m always curious about these types of things. Let me know in the comments below!

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