Midici and Paradise Ice-Cream

I know you guys have heard me rave more than once about how delicious Midici is and that hasn’t changed. We decided to grab dinner there and ended up getting a smoked salmon salad and our usual margarita pizza.


The smoked salmon salad was amazing! It had avocado, olives, greens, and feta and it honestly could have been a meal in itself.


The pizza…delicious as always!


Now on to the part that I am very excited about 😀 On our way to Midic I spotted this little ice-cream shop. We had a bit of wait at Midici and the whole time I was plotting to go and check out aforementioned ice-cream shop…

Lord Almighty! This place was amazing!! They make their flavors everyday and the store owners are as sweet as the ice-cream they sell. I ended up getting chocolate hazelnut and the hubs got cookies and cream and stracciatella. It was so creamy and the flavor was on point!


I feel like this is going to become a regular thing now…Midici and Paradise Ice-Cream, but it’s all balanced out by that salad we had so it’s okay 😉

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