Sweets and Treats From the Weekend

If you are on any type of restricted eating situation I highly suggest you look away. This post is definitely filled with carbs, sugar, and fat galore and I regret nothing πŸ™‚


This malasada was pillowy and soft and the custard was inside was creamy and delicious. The flaky cup filled with custard called Nata was another delicious treat from Β Β Natas Pastries.


Papillon International Bakery had these amazing creations known as ponchik. They are fried dough filled with all sorts of goodies! We got a dulce de leche, nutella and raspberry, and custard filled. Dusted with powdered sugar of course πŸ˜€ These were fresh and in our hurry to try we really burned our mouths on the dulce de leech…worth it? Um, heck yeah!


We absolutely adore mochi and these from Fugetsu-Do did not disappoint. The blueberry (3rd on the top row) was our absolute favorite!


Mochi ice-cream is another favorite in our house and Mikawaya had an awesome variety of flavors. Their ice-cream was really creamy and true to flavor!


Top row is strawberry and mint chip while bottom row is pineapple coconut and mango

We also hit up Krispy Kreme which was a little bit of a fail. We went hoping to find their Reeses donut, but I guess they aren’t making them anymore?! We ended up going for this birthday cake flavor-slightly disappointing when you were dreaming of peanut buttery chocolatey goodness, but it is still a donut and it had sprinkles…so #win after all!


We couldn’t help but give donuts another shot by having a fruity pebble donut and a warmed up snickers donut from Cafe Dulce…that snickers donut was a dream!

What sweet treats have you been loving? Let me know in the comments below πŸ™‚



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