Maui Day 3

I hope you guys are really loving the inventive titles for the Maui Series—it took a lot of thinking to come up with them 😉

Anywhooo welcome to Day 3! Day 3 was one of my favorites, but I won’t lie it wasn’t the best for food. We decided to do the road to Hana this day and it was such a fun adventure. I highly recommend this if you ever come to Maui!


We (by we I mean hubs) had read spots (mile markers) that were worth stopping at and that guided us through our drive.

It was a rainy day so it kept raining on and off so we would put the top on the car down and then a few minutes later be putting it up. The road in general was windy so if you are prone to getting car sick/motion sick just be aware!

Our morning started with a trip to get gas (fill up before you get going so you don’t get stuck), the ATM (you need cash for the road to Hana-nobody takes credit) and coffee (we needed fuel too)

Our first stop was pretty soon after where we went on a mini hike to discover the beautiful Twin Falls. It wasn’t super crowded yet-maybe due to it being early still or the rain. Either way it was so peaceful! On our way out we picked up some pineapple to munch on from the fruit stand.




After this we missed a couple of stops intentionally because of the rain…

We drove on and made another stop at the Half Way to Hana stand that is supposed to be famous for their banana bread. I can honestly see why because it was some of the best banana bread I have had. It was even still warm!


The sun came out for a little bit in perfect timing for our next stop and mini hike. This waterfall was also beautiful, but there was quite a bit more people here than the first.

We stopped at Nahiku Marketplace for lunch and got some fish tacos and coconut shrimp and chips. I will not lie this was really just okay. I would definitely not make this stop if we did this again!


We couldn’t resist checking out the Hana Lava Tube at mile marker 31. I think we paid $12 per person to go check it out. They give you flashlights so you can see in the pitch black cave. It was a cool experience. They have it set up with handrails to guide you and little blurbs along the way about the cave.


Bit of light peaking through a hole in the roof of the cave

If you are interested they have a garden maze which we didn’t stick around for because it was raining!

Our next stop was at Wai’anapanapa State Park (mile marker 32). We came here for black sand beach, but there’s so much more than that. It’s a state park and if you have a permit you can camp out.


We did not camp out but we did some hiking to and around black sand beach. It rained the whole time, but the views and experience were worth getting completely soaked. Wai’anapanapa was our absolute favorite part of the whole trip!


After this we took the road to Hana all the way around (we wanted the whole experience) till we got home. I would recommend doing this instead of turning back around. The views are breath taking!



This road-trip took the whole day and by the time we got back to Paia we were tired and ready for some food! We found a pizza place on Yelp, Flatbread Company, and decided to give it a go. We got their organic salad plus a pizza to share. Half Jay’s Heart (cheese pizza) and half Pele Pesto (pesto made with macadamia, cheese, veggies).




We also felt after a day full of hiking and activity we should try out Paia Gelato. This was an absolute dream! The gelato was creamy and each flavor was so true to what it was supposed to be! I’m drooling thinking about it…




Look at this cute little light switch cover!


We ended up going in Kahului and checking out some stores after this, but other than that we called it a night!



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