I probably should have done this post before the Hawaii posts, but who cares about chronological order? AmIright??

We had a couple of days off together before our trip and we decided to make the most of it by doing some exploring and some eating. I thought I would share some of those pics with you just for the fun of it!

We’ve really been loving Mendocino so we came back for the Study of Heat and Veggie burger



We never can resist a good frozen treat and these were…well bae 😉

We discovered JJ’s bakery before this trip and if you get ANYTHING from this place check out their mochi cake cream creations. I don’t even know what they’re called other than amazing!


Mango is the best!

We may live in California, but we’ll always be OKC Thunder fans 🙂


Us at the Thunder game!

Prime Pizza for a slice of cheese



What tastes great after a slice of pizza? Well, tacos of course! White Boy Tacos had been on our food bucket list for a minute so it was great to finally stop by and check them out.



I hope you enjoyed this random post with random pics! I’ll see you on Monday!!

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