Gluten Free Pancakes

I have been very blessed to not really have any type of food allergy/intolerance. The only thing I can’t really handle is dairy milk, but that doesn’t bother me since I’m not a fan anyway. I love my Califia almond milk 🙂

BUT I’ve come across this recipe many, many times with all sorts of variations and I had a ripe banana I didn’t want to eat, but needed to use so this seemed like a great time to try it out.


All you need is a well ripened banana and an egg to make this recipe, but I did add some almond butter and cinnamon in. You mash up your banana and stir in your egg and whatever fun ingredients you prefer, mix it all together, and cook it up in a pan like all other pancakes.

This made 2 medium size pancakes and 1 teeny baby pancake. I did eat one medium size pancake while these were cooking just in case you were wondering about the missing one. Does anybody else do this while making pancakes?


More almond butter on top and a clementine on the side

Just so you know these don’t hold together like a traditional pancake so flipping can be slightly difficult, but not terrible. The other thing to note is that they are pretty soft and slightly gooey in the middle from the ‘nana.

I freaking LOVED them. They were delicious and tasted like a cross between banana muffins and french toast…um, yes please.

If you have made these let me know what add-ins you like and if you haven’t made these I say give them a try!

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