Meatless Wednesday

We hadn’t been to Veggie Grill in a minute, but we stopped in to try the spring menu and went a little gaga over how yummy it was!

After the many fried chicken sandwiches how could we not try their version of the Nashville hot chicken sandwich? Between two sesame buns was the chickin’ patty, Nashville hot sauce, cole slaw, charred scallion ranch, and bread and butter pickles.


This was not that spicy, but flavorful. I loved the crisp factor! I would give this a 5/5!

We also got the Wunderbrat which is a bratwurst from Beyond Meat. It had good snap and flavor! I would get this over a real hot dog any day! It came with a side of cabbage, spicy mustard, and cheese sauce. We added the cabbage and spicy mustard (plus ketchup), but neither of us were fans of the cheese sauce. Shmurp!


I would also give this a 5/5 🙂

Have you tried Veggie Grill’s spring menu?


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