Back to Cali

Our trip back from Oklahoma was pretty uneventful, but we had some delicious pho and bahn mi from SFO.

We had a couple of hours at SFO so we walked around and found our way in the international terminal. We were hungry and when we spotted Mum Fresh we were hit with delicious smells and couldn’t resist.

We got the chicken pho and added in some sriracha for that spicy brothy goodness. The noodles were light and chewy. Before the sriracha the broth had this slight sweet flavor from the thinly sliced white onions I think. The chicken was tender and when you bring everything together it was comfort in a bowl.


The bahn mi was also chicken and it had all things that make a bahn mi a bahn mi-jalapenos, cilantro, carrots, etc. The bread was crusty yet chewy and didn’t cut up your mouth. The spicy savory flavor went really well with the pho…

After we had this I couldn’t stop talking about how delicious it was!

If you ever find yourself in SFO with some time to kill I suggest you hit up Mum Fresh!

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