V-Day Weekending

As much as I would have LOVED to get this post out on Monday life and work tend to get in the way of well intentioned plans soooo….here we are on Thursday talking about what the hubs and I got up to this past weekend!

I got a serious hankering for BJ’s buffalo chicken pizza on Friday so when B got home we compromised and got half buffalo chicken and half bbq chicken-we DEVOURED this pizza!


Knowing how much I obsessed I am with food and how much I love dessert B had ordered some cookies for us from PDX Cookie Co. He ordered their variety pack which arrived just in time for our V-Day weekend! I am not kidding when I tell you these cookies were seriously packed with all the goodies and were super delicious…also, super incredible warmed up!


Pizza and cookies=great start to any weekend? Amiright?

Saturday we woke up, had coffee, and headed to the gym! Post workout we had plans to head over to the mall and finally combine our phone plans to one carrier (we’ve been married for almost 3 years now-it was time). This is a task I had been dreading, but it went so smoothly that I kept talking about how easy and wonderful the process was.

After all this excitement we went home and I ate the lonely slice of BBQ chicken pizza that was left from Friday night πŸ™‚

The rest of the day was spend running errands, perusing through our favorite mall and figuring out what we should do for dinner. We had very well intentioned plans to have dinner at a Brazilian Steakhouse. I had made reservations in advance and we were really excited about the whole thing until we got to the day of the reservation. Suddenly, we wanted everything but steak…anybody else have this dilemma?

We went back and forth on a few options until deciding on Rosie’s BBQ. We ordered a beef rib each, their Nashville hot chicken sandwich, and a side of their baked fries. Sadly I got pictures of none of our dinner on Saturday night so I am very sorry about that 😦

Their was nothing Nashville hot about this chicken sandwich. It was a pretty sad chicken sandwich at that. It was this super thin chicken patty that had absolutely no spice. I turned to hubby and wondered if they had messed up our order…who knows?

The beef ribs were yummy per usual and the fries were the star of the show. They were fat wedge type fries which I normally do not like, but these were crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. They were seasoned so perfectly! LOVED these fries!

We had more cookies for dessert πŸ™‚

We woke up Sunday morning and did some grocery shopping for the week. We then took a brisk walk around our neighborhood since we were not planning on heading to the gym. Snacked a bit before heading out to a super late lunch/very early dinner situation with our friends.

Before meeting up with the friends we explored Olvera Street and Union Station. It was super cool to check out the vendors at Olvera Street. The sights and smells were incredible and overwhelming. I didn’t know where to look!

We made one last quick stop at Fugetsu Do for a couple of pieces of mochi. If you haven’t been here or tried their sweet creations you absolutely need to. Their mochi is so soft and incredible. We got a red bean and a blueberry Β mochi for dessert!


I had been wanting to check out Bun Shop for a minute and figured this would be a good excuse to try out their baos. I had a spicy chicken bao and a beef bao. Hubs had the same and we shared some of their Yoshi fries.


I definitely preferred the beef bao. It had a fried onion on top of it which added a nice crunchy texture to the soft meaty bun. I do wish the buns themselves held together a bit better-they were both split on the bottom which made it a little difficult to eat. The fries were really yummy with the addition of the furikake seasoning!

After spending a good amount of time catching up we all went our separate ways, but before the hubs and I went home we made one last stop at 85 Degrees. I think we both were craving the milk buns, but got a couple of other treats too πŸ™‚


We made it home with time to watch some Netflix before bed! It wasn’t the most traditional V-Day weekend, but as long as we are spending time together we are pretty happy! I hope you all had a lovely V-Day weekend!!

What did you guys do this past weekend?


16 thoughts on “V-Day Weekending

  1. mliae says:

    Girl, your blog is hell on my diet! Everytime I visit, the food looks soooo nom! And then here I am, drooling for something – anything – even close to as good. So I eat everything in the fridge and none of it looks as good as that chicken pizza…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Mackenzie says:

    Oh my gooooodness that pizza & those cookies look amazing!!! That would be soo disappointing if you are expecting a delicious hot Nashville chicken sandwich that is subpar. Also, I’ve totally been there with making reservations & then craving something else when the time comes! For me it’s usually sushi that pulls me away from whatever reservation we had, ha! Your finds from 85 degree bakery look soo yummy- I’ve been craving a trip there. I need to go soon! Thanks for sharing, Jess πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hunida says:

    Sounds like an amazing V-Day weekend to me. Screw “traditional,” right?! Boyfriend is behind me and saw that pizza LOL he was like “whoa that looks good!” & it truly does, yum!! Those cookies look crazy. What is in them?!? And where did B order them from??

    So funny that you ended up changing your mind about the steakhouse on the day of your reservations. The chicken sandwich does sound pretty sad! I hate when things are labeled “spicy” with they’re not even close to. πŸ˜›

    Need need need to try that mochi place!!! & what is that beautiful cake at 85 Degrees? A cheesecake? ooooh my gosh. ❀


    • Grubbing With Jess says:

      Screw “traditional” for sure because we had a lotta fun. We have a hard time committing to food ahead of time since our tastes always change! By we I mean me πŸ˜…
      Spice should mean spice but sadly it does not! I still to this day don’t understand how that chicken sandwich could be labeled as a Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich.
      You absolutely need to try that mochi place! Their mochi is so soft and yummy! The cake was a super light cheesecake and it was pretty good, but I think Cheesetella does a much better one honestly.
      Here’s the link to the cookie place:https://pdxcookieco.com
      There were so many fun ingredients-like the pink ones had pieces of animal cookie! Check out the site and check out their instagram too. When I was trying to find the website for you I ran across another PDX cookie, but theirs don’t look nearly as yummy. The one’s B got were amazing and these are hella fat cookies!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hunida says:

        LOL I am the same way, my tastes always change, too. πŸ˜› I agreeee, spice doesn’t always mean spice– I wonder why it’s even labeled that way too often. I neeeed to try that mochi place, I wish there was one near me. I haven’t had cheesecake in awhile but I want one so bad now, ugh!! lol. I just went to that cookie website and was drooling but I’m so confused on how to order? You have to write to them and tell them which ones you want to try? They all look and sound SOOOO amazing.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Hunida says:

        Okay I saw the variety pack and thought it was the best idea, too!! I’ll have to get ’em on a special occasion since I’m sure they are packed with dairy but I am def bookmarking their site. Thanks so much!! ❀

        Liked by 1 person

  4. chelliebonita says:

    Sooooo buffalo chicken pizza is my ultimate favorite. I used to order it from a local pizzeria in downtown Richmond, VA when I live in the area. It was soooo good!

    Liked by 1 person

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