Double Stuffed Weekend

[No Oreos were eaten during the making of this post] Instead of eating Oreos we made a very short trip to Oklahoma. During the one whole day we were there we managed to jam pack it with lots of family, love on all of the mothers, and celebrate a super special graduation!

It was a LOT. Here are some pics of the food my amazing MIL made. It was SO. GOOD. Also, airport food because #alwayshungry #breakfastisimportant


Spinach feta wrap from Starbucks 


The food lineup


Nommy chicken


Super flavorful lentils




Slightly spicy spinach and chicken


Rice and peas


Fresh naan


MIL’s special flan cheesecake (I could eat the whole pan)


Cake for the graduate 🙂


Final meal in OKC, but first Scholtzsky’s sandwich for me!

Even though our trip was only a day I’m glad we got the chance to celebrate such a fun time with our loves! I hope you guys are having a wonderful week!!

Smile Tag By Ciarra Lorren

The gorgeous Ciarra Lorren started a really fun and cute tag to bring a smile to all of our faces! I am putting up all my favorite smiley pics along with some pics that have me majorly cheesin’ it 🙂

Basically all of these are with the hubby because I never really take any pics and because he really does just make me the happiest. Thanks Ciarra for tagging me!!

Hope you all have a happy, smile-filled Monday 🙂


Currently Favoriting

I’ve been a little giddy over a few things recently and I thought I would share them with you. Whaddya think?!

First, these cute mugs. We got them from our recent trip to Seattle/Portland and I feel like my dreams of starting a mug collection are finally coming true (heart eye emoji)


Fixer Upper. Can’t stop, won’t stop. Chip and Joanna Gaines are just adorable and this show is causing creative chaos in my brain.

I know I posted a body butter on my last favorites, but The Body Shop is definitely making it to this list. I recently bought a few items online and I am so excited for them to come in! Their body butters are super moisturizing and the scents are pretty bomb too 😉


What are you loving lately? Are you as excited as I am about shiplap and backsplashes?? Let me know in the comments below!

Workout Update

I was thinking back to some of my earlier Workout Wednesday posts and realized it would be good to do an update. During the beginning of this blog I was working out almost 5-6 times a week simply because I had the time to do it. I started working full time and it became more like 3-4 times a week.


The past month or so life has been filled with traveling and working and other wonderfully busy stuff which has meant a little less time for the gym.

I don’t workout on days that I work because my body would hate me for it. Lucky for me, I have a pretty active job so not working out after work doesn’t mean I’ve been inactive all day. I’m on my legs all day and using muscles I didn’t know I had to push, pull, lift, turn, and repeat!

On the days I haven’t been at work we’ve been traveling-first to San Diego then Seattle, and we have another trip coming up to Oklahoma. Traveling usually means no gym access so we usually park our car and walk everywhere. Seattle was especially great for this because of all the up and down hill walking you get to do.

On the few days I have been at home this past month I go to the gym because my body craves it like I crave dessert after dinner.

To make a long story short (if that’s even possible at this point 🙂 ) life gets crazy and we just have to roll with it. I’m sure if I prioritized going to the gym then I would have been able to go much more, but honestly it’s not always my number 1 goal.

My goal is to live the fullest, healthiest, happiest life I can spending as much time as possible with people I love. If that means skipping the gym so I can go to Seattle and walk to brunch with my husband well, that’s just my burden to bear 😉

Seattle Part 3

I wasn’t completely honest in my last post…I know I said those were our food highlights, but I didn’t include one small, teensy part-Pike Place.

I mean c’mon…it was my first trip to Seattle. I was obviously going to Pike Place to be the tourist that stood in every line to take in a bite of history (my poor, sweet husband)!


The whole time we walked around the market I had a smile permanently plastered on my face…ear to ear. I took in every amazing smell I could possibly take in. I smelled everything from the fish to the flowers and couldn’t have been happier about the whole thing.

One place that was top of our list to try was Pike Place Chowder. Talking about lines-this one was loooong, but it went by very quickly. Having never had chowder (gasp!) we opted for the sampler. It was so good, but so incredibly filling. I started to worry I may not be eating for the rest of the day.


Not to worry, I definitely did eat again and when I did it was at Piroshky Piroshky. Again, there was a line and again it went by quickly. We decided on the salmon pate and cinnamon walnut braid. The salmon pate was our favorite out of the two!


It was steaming hot and I’m pretty sure we both burned our tongues, but it was worth it!

Pike Place Market was one of my favorite parts of this trip, but Seattle overall was wonderful! What are your favorite places to visit?

Seattle Part 2

Welcome back! I hope you enjoyed the mini trip to Portland ;). That being said here are some of our food highlights from Seattle:

Concluding our delicious meal at Lola we walked around downtown Seattle a bit, but soon enough our exhaustion gave in and we took a nice long nap at our air BNB.

After our arduous day of eating and napping we needed some fuel so we walked to a little coffee shop for a snack.


We had a LOT of coffee from Seattle and I also had quite a few iced chais


Everything bagel, lox, and arugula

This next pic is breakfast from our second day at another coffee shop. It was Seattle…#allthecoffee #coffeeshopgalore


This egg and cheese creation was amazing. You could say it was unicorn worthy…

After breakfast we took a quick stroll to yet another coffee shop for this almond croissant. We were wanting dessert after breakfast because that’s what you do when you vacation. You have dessert with every meal 🙂


Would you hate me if I said this too was unicorn worthy?!

On our way back from Portland we decided to hit up Pie Bar in Seattle. It’s a bar that has pies (sweet and savory) and alcohol…obviously.

We opted for the chicken pot pie and peanut butter pie. The lighting wasn’t very good so I’m sorry for the blurry, oddly colored photos. The pies were delicious though!


Chicken pot pie with salad


Peanut butter pie


Matcha tea with pistachio milk. SO. GOOD.

Our last meal in Seattle ended up being tacos and I have no regrets!


And a couple of “baby” burritos…


I hope you guys are enjoying these posts. Come on back Monday for the conclusion of Seattle 🙂 Meanwhile, have a great weekend!!

Brief Intermission From Seattle to Bring You Portland

As you know (or maybe you don’t), we were in Seattle for a few days. If you didn’t read my long (semi-annoying…I’m sorry (kind of)) title then you may not know that we took a quick day trip to Portland from Seattle.


We had a grand time wandering around the city and eating our way through one of the coolest places we had been!

Here is a pictorial recap of Portland through pictures of all the food we ate…enjoy!!

It seemed like everywhere I looked online they recommended going to Pok Pok and getting these wings so that is just what we did!


Ike’s fish sauce chicken wings from Pok Pok

They were sweet and savory and unusually good. Our sweet tooth kicked in and we took a stroll to Eb and Bean for some of the best frozen yogurt of my life.


Frozen yogurt from Eb and Bean: Mango, Vanilla Macadamia, and Hazelnut Praline


A slice of cheese split from Sizzle Pie

We mosied around and found a coffee shop where the hubs had an iced coffee and I decided on an iced chai with almond milk…always almond milk!


Creme Brûlée donut from a random donut truck

We continued walking and exploring and even made a stop into Powell’s books to buy a coffee cup 😀

We ended up checking out an Ikea since it was on our drive back to Seattle and ended up trying out some Ikea food. We’ve never had food from Ikea and thought it would be interesting if nothing else!


Chicken meatballs, mashed potatoes/gravy, green beans sides of cucumber and tomatoes and fruit

Upon exiting Ikea we decided to get a cone and that ended up being dessert. This brings Portland adventures to a close, but that does not conclude today’s eating adventures.

Stay tuned for the rest of our Seattle trip!

Seattle Part 1

I hope you are all having a blessed and beautiful Monday! I’ve been sitting here reminiscing about our recent trip to Seattle and decided I should share it with you. I can honestly say I absolutely fell in love with this place.

Instead of cramming our few days trip into one post I thought I would try to break it up into a few posts so I suppose this would be considered part 1 🙂


Sleep deprived selfie…

We woke up around 3am to make our flight so by the time we got to Seattle we were tired and hungry. We did have breakfast and coffee at Starbucks in LAX, but that was many hours ago. We needed some fuel! This is how we ended up at our first food location, Lola. We wanted a nice warm, hearty breakfast and Lola served up that and much more. The ambiance was hustling and bustling. There were plates and cups clanking and people chattering…it was kind of what we needed.


The breakfast menu was concise and everything sounded delicious. We finally decided to split one dish despite our eyes being larger than our stomachs. We knew we’d be trying things throughout the day and stuffing ourselves at breakfast would hinder our ability to check out anything else for a while #foodieproblems


Instead of going for an omelet or eggs benny like we normally would we opted for Tom’s Favorite Breakfast. It was one of those interesting dishes that contained some fun ingredients such as Mediterranean octopus and nettle yogurt. It also had peas, potatoes, onions and a soft poached egg…it was described to us as a type of hash.


I thoroughly savored every bite…I was in hash heaven. The different textures and tastes that I never thought of being together were married happily in this one beautiful bowl.


We were happy and full and absolutely satisfied! No food left on this plate…


We had a few days stay and had a great time exploring, drinking, and eating our way through this gorgeous city so stay tuned for the next post!

Weekend Adventuring Continues

We’ve really been trying to make the most of our days off together and in that spirit decided for an impromptu visit to San Diego. We loved our first visit here and have been waiting for a good time to revisit and find more to explore!

When I know I have one of these trips coming up I will use the day before to fuel my body with some extra goodness. I do this for 2 reasons: 1) my body does great on whole foods and 2) we usually let our foodie selves enjoy all the eats and this doesn’t always involve veggies.

This meal is a prime example of “extra goodness”


We’re all about including in plenty of activity so we started with a walk around the San Diego Zoo


We then grabbed some lunch at Oscar’s…it’s an awesome seafood taco place. If you are ever in the area you gotta check them out.



Top left to bottom right: grilled fish, battered fish, surf n’turf, grilled spicy shrimp

Dessert was at Boba Bar and Dessert. We got some PB and chocolate creation-I know you are all shocked


We had some amazing, unpictured slices of pizza from Bronx Pizzeria. What can I say? We were hungry and the pizza looked magnificent

We walked around downtown San Diego and wandered over to Donut Bar for some of the largest, heaviest donuts I have ever laid eyes on. We ended up with 3 donuts: The Homer (pink cake batter glaze with sprinkles), Caramel Macchiato (the one with the whipped cream in the middle), and a chocolate one that I can’t recall the name.


I swooned over The Homer while the hubs really loved the chocolate creation


We came home Sunday with many errands to run and things to do before our workweek began.

After all the running around we opted for a relaxed night of poke and catching up!


What do you guys have planned for this weekend??

Eats and Treats

Most of my recent posts have been mostly of us eating out, but here are a few pics from some of our meals in (and a few treats out 🙂 )

I’ve been really enjoying roasting up eggplant recently so I’ve been incorporating into more of my meals #eattherainbow #betherainbow


Sriracha with a side of burgers, broccoli with nutritional yeast, and baked kettle chips



Breakfast burrito for lunch…what’s new? Side of eggplant, asparagus, spinach


Eggplant and chicken fried rice


Donuts from Blinkie’s: Top left to bottom right-banana nutella, glazed, cinnamon sugar cake, infamous black and white


Sourdough egg toast on bed of spinach


Grilled cheese because when you have bread and you have cheese how could you not?!


Beef fried rice with side of brocc


Strawberries and cream bundtlet from Nothing Bundt Cakes

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! What have you been eating lately?!