Maui Day 1

We woke up to sunshine our first day in Maui! We felt rested and ready to explore πŸ™‚ After taking some time to get situated we headed out to a close by cafe, Paia Bay Coffee, to get coffee (MUCH wanted) and breakfast (MUCH needed).


We ordered a salmon and lox bagel (typical us), a Greek yogurt bowl, and banana bread to go. I got some hot coffee while the hubs got iced.


This salmon and lox bagel was so fresh and delicious and hearty-cream cheese, avocado, tomato. Absolute perfection!


After taking some time to plot our day and our trip we headed out to Kihei. We explored the beach and checked out some local shops and stumbled into Cinnamon Roll Place where we got this decadent thing.


Underneath all that is a cinnamon roll…I promise!

This cinnamon roll had cream cheese icing and macadamia nuts and warmed up it was ooey and gooey in all the best ways!

After some more walking we drove around and found ourselves at an outdoor mall. The weather was so beautiful it was perfect for window shopping and taking in the sun. We obviously always have to get a treat so we got this lilikoi (passion fruit) mochi ice-cream from Whaler’s General Store.


By the way this next pic is the view from that mall’s parking lot.. This picture does absolutely no justice, but I felt like everywhere you looked in Maui it was so beautiful. Everything was lush and green and floral-all the deep happy sighs!


We ended up changing up our plans and decided to head to Lahaina so to keep our energy up we stopped at Akamai coffee. We both got iced coffees this time and started our drive!

Lahaina may have been one of my favorite places of this trip! It’s definitely touristy, but it’s just fun. There’s a fun little boardwalk/shopping type of area that’s right across from the water. It has so many restaurants, coffee shops, and places for trinkets.

Our first find was a little taco truck called Ono Tacos. We shared one fish and one shrimp taco. I don’t remember who liked which more, but each taco was devoured!

After this we walked our way from Ono Tacos to the outdoor outlet mall to the Lahaina boardwalk. There was so much to look at between the stores and the beautiful water! We tried to take it all in the best we could.

We had dinner at Lahaina Luna Cafe which took some walking around to find, but ended up being well worth it! We got teri-fried chicken bites, fish and chips, and a taco combo. The taco combo came with one mahi-mahi taco and one Korean bbq beef taco.



The teri-fried chicken bites were these little pieces of fried chicken coated in a sweet teriyaki glaze. They were crunchy and delicious!


The Korean bbq beef taco was the fave among the two tacos πŸ™‚


Lahaina Luna was right next door to a place highly rated on Yelp. It has 5 stars (out of 5) and over a 1000 reviews. I mean that’s pretty crazy! I know you’re dying to know what this place is-it’s Ululani’s Hawaiian Shave Ice.


I believe we got coconut, mango, and pineapple with macadamia soft serve, sweet and condensed milk and mochi on top.


And yes, it was 5 star worthy!

We did some more perusing before heading home to catch some z’s before day 2 began!

I’ll see you lovelies on Monday until then tell me have you been to Lahaina? Did we make any of the same stops? Comment below and let me know!



Getting to Hawaii

I had mentioned I would be posting about our trip to Hawaii and I figured what better place to start then from the VERY beginning…the travel!

We ended up leaving from the San Diego airport so we had a mini road trip super early in the morning. We woke up before the sun was up to get our stuff and get out the door. We chugged our coffee and headed out πŸ™‚

We ended up making a pit stop for an egg and cheese English muffin and bathroom breaks…


We had also brought along some cuties (clementines). We really try to clean our fridge/pantry areas out before going on trips and this time we still had these, but we ended up eating the rest on the drive.


From San Diego we came back to LA to head to Maui. It was a little odd, but what can you do?

Once at the LAX we decided to have some lunch and made two stops. One for pizza at 800 degrees.


This was honestly overpriced and just okay…the pizza was undercooked and it was underwhelming.

Then we stopped by this wrap and sandwich place and had this chicken and hummus wrap. It was simple but seriously delicious!


The plane from LAX to Hawaii was a little rocky meaning we had turbulence out the whazoo. It was possibly one of the worst flights and despite dramamine I was sick for most of the flight…

I don’t think I had ever been so happy to exit an airplane! The airport in Kahului was partially outdoors and feeling the cool tropical breeze was amazing. We found a rental car and decided to grab some food and groceries before heading to our Air BnB in Paia.

We found a Wal-Mart and got some water, Β baby carrots, and chocolates I believe?!

We wanted something authentic to Hawaii so we stopped by Poi By The Pound. They have some delicious looking things on the menu, but we decided on the Loco Moco. Β It is Β 3 beef patties topped with a couple of eggs over easy and gravy. The Loco Moco came with a side of rice and salad.


You guys, I know it doesn’t look like food porn, but I cannot tell you how amazing, comforting, and delicious this was. We fell asleep exhausted from the day’s travel, but very full and happy πŸ™‚

I hope you enjoyed this post and come back Friday for our first full day in Maui!

Being the Best You

Hello Friends!

I am so happy to be back and decided to do a fun little New Year’s post. I know it’s a little late, but I don’t think being the best you has to be a New Year’s resolution. It can be an anytime decision πŸ™‚

That being said I have found a few things that leave me feeling at my best and I wanted to share those with you today!

Mental/Brain Health: When I have found myself in need of a brain break or feeling stressed, doing something like coloring helps calm me down. It’s focusing on something else and I get some clarity about the situation.

2018-01-14 14.47.39

If you’re not a coloring fan I love this meditation I found on YouTube many years back!

Eye Health: This is something we all ignore until it becomes a problem! It’s important to get your eyes checked yearly. They give us so much and ask so little in return! Let’s give our eyes some love this year. Make sure your contacts/glasses prescription is current and correct!

After your check up, go and find your perfect pair by taking this quiz by Warby Parker. They have some seriously cute eye glasses and sunglasses. Remember that it’s important to protect your eyes from the sun!

Skin Health: It’s winter, but don’t forget about your skin! Whether it’s moisturizing or applying sunscreen it’s an important part of your health. Major tip by the way you should be doing BOTH whether it’s cloudy, sunny, snowy, rainy…whatever the weather!

Gut Health: Your gut can be considered your second brain. How your gut feels can affect how YOU feel. Not having proper bacteria in your stomach can cause you to feel tired and run down…you DO NOT want that! Take time to eat your fruits and veggies for some good fiber.


I’ve been loving kombucha as well to help keep my gut in check. Just be sure and check the sugar content before buying a bottle! Low sugar is the way I go for my ‘buch fix πŸ™‚

Physical Health: It’s so important to take time to move. It doesn’t matter if it’s walking, dancing, or playing sports you gotta keep your body moving. It releases endorphins which in turn goes back to helping us with our mental health!

I enjoy yoga and using resistance bands when I’m working out at home. YouTube and Pinterest have some great ideas for both plus any other exercise you may be interested in.

Health is about ALL of you. When you’re strong and healthy as a whole you feel your best and that is a great goal to have!

Let me know what your goals are for this year in the comments below. Till next time!

Disclaimer:”I had been planning a ‘Best You’ post in January and Warby Parker was interested in being included among my health and fitness tips. Eye health seemed like a good fit for the post I had in mind.”

A Break

Hello friends πŸ™‚ I am going to take a short break (about a week) to recover! It’s been a wonderful flurry of chaos with the holidays, our Hawaii trip (post to come!), and a family visit!


I just need a week to get my mind on straight and be back in the groove of things! I will miss you all πŸ™‚

Hugs and love!

A collection of Brioche Buns

I was looking through pictures in my phone and realized that I eat a lot of sourdough bread, but we also have our fair share of brioche buns.

Here’s a brioche breakfast sandwich


This is at Fritzi Coop


Last pic I’ll share is of burger night…we really LOVE these buns for burger night!


What is your favorite type of burger bun?

Century City Mall

I’m sure you have noticed, but when the hubs and I have a couple of days off together we like to go exploring. Lucky for us California has some great spots to explore πŸ™‚

I know that a mall isn’t some great big expedition, but we really enjoy mall walking (don’t judge!) and so off to Century City we went.


It is a really pretty mall and it has some amazing stores, but we went to walk and window shop.

We ended up stopping at Randy’s for a couple of donuts-the graham sugar topped one was the favorite.


Top is blueberry cake and bottom is the graham streusel

We also had Shake Shack and a slice of cheese from Gelson’s πŸ˜€


We had to stop by Eataly and check out all the breads and cheeses and pastas.

How could we leave without some dreamy Italian chocolates?


I think Eataly was my favorite part (are we surprised?). Let me know if you’ve had a chance to go to Eataly or enjoy mall walking as much as we do!

Till next time guys and gals!

Body Shop Haul

Yes ANOTHER haul, but let me explain!

California is DRY and I HATE dry skin. It’s tight and itchy and ashy and uncomfortable. It’s not my cup of jo! So when I saw that Body Shop was having a 50% off everything sale and Ebates was doing 8% back-I rejoiced and bought some body butters πŸ˜€


I love Body Shop body butters because they do such a great job of moisturizing, but they also leave your skin smelling so. freaking. good.

I’ve shown this in a previous favorites, but this Vitamin E one is thick and extremely hydrating. Great for when you are right outta the shower!


I’m a big fan of traveling with these as well since airplanes also leave my skin feeling parched so I bought a few travel size. These two from the spa collection are new to me, but both smell amazing!

Hawaiian Kukui Cream


Japanese Camellia


I’ve had a travel size of the British Rose just to test out, but since I loved it so much I got a regular tub. I love rose scented things and this scent just lingers on your skin and it really does leave your skin glowy and gorgeous!


The Moringa cream is light and sinks in and would actually be perfect for summer months so I think this will be saved for any summer travels that come our way.


The Shea is rich and hydrating and is great if you like sweeter scents as opposed to floral-y type scents.


I adore all of them! Do you have a Body Shop favorite or do you use body butters/creams/moisturizers from elsewhere? Let me know in the comments below!

Oh the food we will eat…Cheesetella

Cheesecake is delicious. Cheesetella Cheesecake? Unbelievable.


Before getting started I’m linking a YouTube video about Cheesetella and the types of cake they make.

Cheesetella is a cute little shop located in the food court of the Korea Town Plaza. They have the nicest people who take time to explain their cakes and answer any questions you may have.

We went specifically for the cheesecake and ended up leaving with more than just the cheesecake…what’s new?


Opening the box was the biggest surprise because we were expecting slices of cake, but ended up basically getting two whole cakes. It was one of the best surprises!

Now on to the cakes!

This cheesecake is slightly sweet with a light and fluffy texture. It is the most wonderful experience.


Their Creamtella is two fluffy sponge cakes layered Β with luscious cream. It is the best kind of sandwich situation!


Whether you like cheesecake or not, whether you have a sweet tooth or not you should try out Cheesetella! Their cakes make a nice sweet treat or perfect ending to any meal πŸ™‚

Let me know if you have tried out Cheesetella in the comments below!

Happy, Happy New Year

2017 has been a year filled with ups and downs, but if I’m being completely honest it has mostly been ups. It’s mostly due to the fact my better half is the bestest human on the planet πŸ™‚


We are so thankful for all the good, and looking back, also for the bad. I’ve loved 2017 and I am so excited to see what 2018 holds.

Here’s to hoping that 2018 is filled with love, laughter, and lotsa cookies πŸ˜‰

Vegetarian FDOE

I may have said this before but I love reading/watching full day of eating blogs/vlogs. They are just fun and it always gives me ideas for meals!

I had no idea that this was going to be a vegetarian post to be completely honest, but this is a pretty typical day of eating for me when I am at home.

For breakfast I made some yummy tacos with roasted potatoes, eggs, and salsa. Side spinach always!


Lunch was this nommy grilled cheese on sourdough. I actually ended up eating spinach straight outta the bag while this was cooking because I was so hungry so don’t be alarmed by the lack of green πŸ™‚


When it’s winter you will find us snacking on cuties because they are in fact cute and also delicious!


Dinner was most delicious with this mashup of Gardein multigrain ‘chicken’ strips, Brazilian cheese bread, baby carrots, and of course spinach! I had some guac on the side for dipping…


Dessert was this flan that the hubs surprised me with! It was from a local Mexican grocery store and man was it good.


I love reading FDOE, but what do you guys enjoy reading? Let me know!