Blue Apron: Beef Pitas

To be honest, I was not super excited about this recipe after the fail that was our last dish, but the show had to go on. The non-excitement passed pretty soon because when it comes to food it’s hard for me to be negative for too long 😉


The hubs was at work so I started prepping without him. This meal included a radish and snap pea salad, a variation of tzatziki to go in the pita, pita bread, and thinly sliced beef.

The beef was marinated in tahini, garlic, lemon juice and water so I went ahead and did that. I prepped the snap peas by boiling and blanching. Cut up my radishes and cucumbers and assembled all the salads.


By the time B came home the beef was ready to be seared and cooked up so he did that and I warmed up pitas.

Dinner was served!


We both really enjoyed this meal (thank God)! The meat was flavorful and yummy and the salads added a nice freshness to the meal.

I would definitely make this again on my own! We love Mediterranean flavors and this meal was super easy and quick to throw together.

Blue Apron: Spicy Tacos

A little while ago we had some late night tacos for an impromptu date night! Well we decided to make our own late night tacos with Blue Apron.


This meal did not have as much prep as the Spanish Style Eggs did in our last Blue Apron dish. This was great because I came home from work and put this meal together on my own since hubs was still at work! By the time he got home all we had left was heating up the tortillas.

The prep and assembly were pretty simple. This dish included a “salsa” of halved cherry tomatoes and jalapeño doused with lime juice. It had a side of creamed corn which was pretty easy-sour cream and pan seared corn kernels. The beef crumbles were seasoned with salt, pepper, tomato paste, and a chipotle sauce.


When I saw the word spicy, I was super excited! I like spicy, not burn your taste buds off spicy, but a flavorful spicy. Disappointingly, this dish ended up being more sweet than spicy.

The creamed corn was sweet from, well, the corn. The meat was sweet from the tomato paste. The chipotle paste that you were supposed to add based on how spicy you wanted it was more sweet than anything else. BTdubs, I added the WHOLE thing.

We were both not fans of this meal. There was nothing really bringing all the components together (if that makes sense?) other than all the sweetness. That being said, we all have different palates and enjoy different types of flavors so you may really love this dish.

If we continue with Blue Apron I know this will NOT be a dish we try again! If you have Blue Apron have you tried this dish? What are your favorite Blue Apron dishes? Let me know in the comments below!

Blue Apron

In this house, we love food. Not only that, but we love GOOD food so when the hubs asked if we should try out Blue Apron, I said yes! I had heard a lot of rave reviews about Blue Apron and had been curious to try it out.



When the box arrived on our doorstep we were excited and ready to dive in. All the food came nicely packaged. Everything was kept nice and cold with the large ice packs.


Our box came with 3 meals for 2 people..pretty perfect for us 🙂 We had picked out the Spanish Style Eggs, Marinated Beef Pitas, and Spicy Beef Tacos. The box came with these lovely recipe cards with all the ingredients you would need listed on the front.


I’m thinking the recipe cards will be great for recreating the recipes we end up really enjoying!


I can’t wait to get started cooking our way through this box! I’m pretty sure I know what we will be trying first, but I will keep you posted. I’m planning on doing a review on our three meals so stay tuned for that!


Do you guys do any cooking subscription boxes? Any favorites that we should try?! Let me know in the comments below!