Some fun eats

Hi friends!

I feel like it’s been a minute since I shared about any food that we have eaten out.

I wanted to come on here and chat with you guys about some fun food we have had.

With the season change we have had a lot of different fruit at the house. We love our fruit! Mangoes and grapes have been so good recently!

Our love for pizza still runs strong so some Blaze had to be included in the mix. That veggie pie was spicy-between the jalapenos and the chili flakes we always add. I’m getting heartburn thinking about it, but boy was it worth it.

The pb cups were an impulse grab when we made a Sprout’s run. These were not peanut buttery enough but hubby enjoyed them!

We discovered a new Mediterranean spot-Luna. They have such yummy wraps! Their fries are pretty great too. They are thin and crispy, but still soft on the inside!

Baked was closed for a while and has now reopened only on weekends and for a few hours. We had to support one of our favorite local businesses and picked up some cupcakes!

Our Chick-fil-a had been closed for reconstruction. We were so happy to see them open back up and we headed into the drive through for our usual. We had 2 spicy chicken sammies with extra pickles, small fry, and some grilled nugs on the side.

It’s been a little while since we had an actual cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory so we decided to try the Reese’s. It was very good, but I do wish it had chunks of Reese’s cups in it. At some point I would like to try the Adam’s pb cheesecake.

Have you guys had any fun eats? How are you all holding up? Let’s talk in the comments!

A Non-Typical Post-Workout Meal

Since B and I have limited time off together we decided to make the most of a lovely day we did have off. We started our day with coffees and a workout…already pretty perfect!

After our workout we decided to go and get Chick-fil-a grilled nuggets since we had some errands to run in the area. We also had one indulgent plan in the area so off we went. These grilled nuggets have been great when we need a quick and yummy snack.


After inhaling our nuggets we ran some errands and than went off to find what we had been looking forward to all day! Cupcakes!! There is a cupcake store called Dreamy Creations in Northridge. What’s special about this cupcake place is that they have won Cupcake Wars twice…TWICE!

We ended up getting the cinnamon sugar and creme brûlée. We got into our car and immediately bit into the cinnamon sugar. The cake was moist (sorry for those who hate the word!) and the frosting was sweet. It was almost like the icing for a cinnamon roll!


We saved the creme brûlée for after dinner and this ended up being the real winner! My husband even said and I quote, “this is the best cupcake I have had in my life.” It was crunchy from the sugar and the cupcake was soft and dense. We had a side of French cream to go with it. This cream made it over the top delicious! If you are ever in the area check out Dreamy Creations and let me know what you think.

What are some non-typical post- workout meals you have had? Let me know in the comments below!