Recent Dessert Faves

Let me make this super duper clear people these are not all of my favorite desserts. THAT would take a book and nobody got time for that…


While recently drooling over some food porn on my phone I couldn’t get dessert outta my head and now that I am typing this I am panicking thinking about all the delicious desserts I am about to miss because I have no recent pics….let’s take some deeeeeeeeep breaths iin and ouut phewwww

Okay let’s get on with the yumminess

This matcha soft serve from Tea Master is everything. The creamy texture and the potent matcha flavor combine to create this cool, light, and irresistible creation.


Donuts from SK Donuts make me super happy. Donuts from Sidecar also make me happy, but I have no recent pictures. Major takeaway? I love donuts.


This next one might not be technically a dessert, BUT it is sweet. I love pan fried plantains especially the perfectly ripened ones because they tend to be sweeter. It’s slightly crisp on the outside and sweet and soft on the inside. I would eat these all day!


We’ve already talked about Somi Somi in a previous post so I won’t bore you with details, but if you haven’t tried this then what are you doing??


Happy Days Cafe makes a mean churro, but did you know they make churro donuts coated in chocolate and sprinkles and you can add cookies n’ cream ice-cream to the side? Also, whipped cream.


Tell me about your favorite desserts or if you’re like me and change your mind every minute what is/are your current favorite dessert(s)! Pleeeeaseeee and thank you 🙂



While trying to run errands we decided to grab some lunch and Panera sounded perfect and a salad sounded even better.


The Cobb salad was fresh, crunchy, creamy and delicious. I enjoyed every bite! We all know how I feel about bread and butter so this was a win. I didn’t end up eating all the salad or all the bread, but I was full and happy.


Obviously my dessert tummy still needed a lil’ sumthin’ sumthin’ so we grabbed a huge churro and some soft serve for dipping 😉


Is there anything more perfect in the heat?!

What’s your go to lunch when you’re out and about?

Smorgasburg Pop-Up

This post is SUPER late, but I really had so much fun that I had to share. You guys know how much I love Smorgasburg! It’s always such a fun way to find some good local eats. So when the hubs said they were having a pop-up in Santa Monica I was all about it.


Wet hair courtesy of the rain 🙂

Similar to our first Smorgasburg experience it was POURING rain, but we braved the downpour and were rewarded with lots of fried chicken and some yummy churros!


Our first stop was BaoHaus where we got a Spiceland and a BirdHaus-messy, delicious and would DEF get again!


Next we kept the theme going by stopping for fried chicken sliders from Daddy’s Chicken Shack. I mean c’mon how adorable are these little guys…


These were tiny, but the sliders come 3 to an order

Our last stop as it is a lot of times was Churro Boss, but we realized they were cash only and it hit us that we had no cash on us. Friends, we hummed and hawed but we ended up trekking back to the car in the rain to get cash and walk right back.


If that doesn’t say anything about how good these guys are then I don’t know what will. We got our usual with sweet and condensed milk and it was absolutely worth the rainy walk!

If you live in LA and haven’t checked out Smorgasburg I HIGHLY recommend it. It’s just a lot of fun and there are a lot of great people selling a lot of great food!

If you have been let me know who your favorite vendors are!