Erewhon Haul

Hello sweet, sweet friends! Today I come to you with a mini-haul and brunch (lunch) from Erewhon. We had some groceries to get so we figured we would start with a fun stop at Erewhon market!

I won’t lie I kinda love this place. It has the usual groceries along with a cafe area, cold and hot food bar, sushi, pizza, bakery, etc. Basically, if you love yummy, whole foods you will probably love it here 🙂


We grabbed snagged these organic edamame puffs which were crunchy and pretty delicious. I believe they were supposed to be a cheesy flavor, but I didn’t get a lot of that. They had a nice satisfying crunch! What made them better was alternating them with the next snack we found…



These cauliflower puffs which were vegan and apparently had probiotics. These were super light and pretty similar to Cheetos puffs (not in flavor, just in texture). Honestly, they may even be lighter than the Cheetos. These were great and as I mentioned if you made your own snack mix with the edamame puffs and cauli puffs you basically get a delicious supersnack 😉


We would not be us if we did not get ice-cream and when we found this PB marshmallow crunch we couldn’t resist. The ice-cream is good, but not great. It had great peanut butter flavor, but no marshmallowiness at all 😦



After all this shopping we worked up a good appetite and decided to share a slice of bbq chicken pizza, some cauliflower wings, and watermelon kombucha. The ‘buch was delicious! I loved this watermelon flavor (side note: the mango flavor is great too). I thought the pizza was okay, but the hubs really loved it. The cauli wings were so yummy and crispy and pretty flavorful. I was impressed!



Do you have Erewhon where you live? Have you been? Do you love it? Let me know in the comments below!