Seared Steak with Cacio e Pepe Potatoes

Steak! Mashed reds with cheese and pepper! Sign me up!!


This was our last recipe from week with Plated and to be frank, it almost didn’t happen. We almost caved and got pizza, but than perseverance persevered and we dove in with enthusiasm 😀 HA! Actually, we realized the time to get pizza and the time involved with making this meal was about the same so we decided to not be bums and cook!

This recipe required a bit more prep in terms of chopping and boiling and such so I would say save it for a day when you have a little bit more time. This dish was steak and potatoes taken up a notch.


The steak was served with a fresh bruschetta type topping (tomatoes, basil, and onion) and the potatoes had black pepper, cream, butter, and an ample amount of parm to really amp it up.

This was one of my favorite dishes in the group. The steak was flavorful, the bruschetta topping on the steak added a nice bite of freshness. The potatoes were creamy, but not so mashed that they were too creamy.


Overall, I really, really enjoyed Plated. I love that they include some sort of side with most of their dishes and I love the use of ingredients that I am not familiar with. I think this would be a subscription that I would continue to use.

I will keep you updated on our subscription journey meanwhile let me know of any subscription boxes you guys enjoy…food related or not!

Lamb Tacos

God knew a girl couldn’t live off pizza and burgers alone and that, my friends, is why tacos were made #factsbyjess


Now that we’ve gotten some history out of the way let’s move on to the food-specifically these lamb tacos by Plated.


The lamb/beef mixture was seasoned with vindaloo paste and there was a fresh and crunch onion and cabbage slaw to top it all off. This was a super quick meal to make and honestly not too much actual cooking involved.


Yogurt and cilantro sauce + cabbage and onion slaw

Besides the meat the only thing that needed to be heated up were the tortillas. This would be a great weeknight meal since even the prep was minimal.


These tacos were different from typical tacos in that the meat was spiced with Indian flavors and instead of having a naan or pita for the carb it was an actual flour tortilla. Then you have the cabbage slaw, but it all combined pretty nicely to create one (or three) delicious taco(s)!

What are some of your favorite types of tacos? Let me know in the comments!


Kimchi Turkey Burger

These turkey burgers were the second recipe we decided to try with Plated. I was most excited and intrigued by this recipe because I had no idea what gochujang was. From what I understand (please correct me if I’m wrong) it is a Korean fermented chili paste.


The gochujang was used in two different ways in this recipe-one, it was mixed into the turkey meat and two, it was stirred in with mayo to create a sauce for the burger.

Gochujang aside, I LOVE kimchi and burgers so I definitely thought that this would be my type of dish.


The dish had a side of sesame seed coated carrot fries instead of the usual potato variety. It was a nice touch and much appreciated since it prevented the us from scrummaging through the fridge to throw together a last minute salad!

The recipe was easy to follow and everything came together pretty quickly.

Now on to the taste…


Kimchi turkey burgers from Plated were a total win for the hubs! I on the other hand thought they were okay. I would have liked more bite…more kimchi or some red onions would have been great.

Despite this not being my favorite recipe I am still really enjoying Plated. We’ll see how the next recipe goes…I do believe that lamb tacos will be plated up next 😉

Let me know if there is anything else you would like to know about Plated or if you are a fan of kimchi and burgers! Till next time friends!

Blackened Salmon Sandwich

The first dish we decided to make from Plated was the (you guessed it) the blackened salmon sandwich. This dish combines my love of delicious carb (the bread) with anything blackened and seafood.


I really loved the fact that this sandwich came with a salad (they call it a slaw) so no extra prep was needed for a side…in fact, I believe that most of the dishes we got comes with a side built in…already winning!


The sandwich contained the salmon, remoulade made of capers, pickles, and mayo, and topped with dinosaur kale and fennel slaw for a fresh kick.


It was definitely one of my favorite dishes we have made at home to date. It was savory and fresh and super filling. I enjoyed how well the flavors melded together and the buns held together nicely.


This was a 5 star dish in my opinion and I would definitely pick this dish to make again!




Friends, don’t kill me. We’re still on the hunt for a good meal subscription box and that search has led me to this particular box, Plated.


I was drawn to this subscription because of mainly one reason-many of their recipes used ingredients I was unfamiliar with and/or had previously never cooked with before. Ingredients like fresh fennel and gochujang paste came in my box nicely packaged to maintain freshness.


When setting up your subscription you have the option to choose how many meals a week you want and for how many people. We decided to go with 4 meals for 2 people (duh, there’s only 2 of us)!

We went for a blackened salmon sandwich, curried lamb tacos, Korean turkey burgers, and seared steak.


These are all things we enjoy, but taken up a notch and that excites me!

I’ll be bringing you along as we check out Plated and this may be putting my foot in my mouth, but comparing it to the other boxes this may be the one we keep 🙂

Let me know if you have tried Plated and what your thoughts are in the comments below! Until next time have a beautiful Monday!