Blackened Salmon Sandwich

The first dish we decided to make from Plated was the (you guessed it) the blackened salmon sandwich. This dish combines my love of delicious carb (the bread) with anything blackened and seafood.


I really loved the fact that this sandwich came with a salad (they call it a slaw) so no extra prep was needed for a side…in fact, I believe that most of the dishes we got comes with a side built in…already winning!


The sandwich contained the salmon, remoulade made of capers, pickles, and mayo, and topped with dinosaur kale and fennel slaw for a fresh kick.


It was definitely one of my favorite dishes we have made at home to date. It was savory and fresh and super filling. I enjoyed how well the flavors melded together and the buns held together nicely.


This was a 5 star dish in my opinion and I would definitely pick this dish to make again!



A Vegan Lunch

It may be hard to tell from my posts, but when at home I tend to eat vegetarian for the most part. I enjoy eating lots of veggies and I find that my body does pretty well on it 🙂 We also enjoy our fish and burgers (as you may know if you’ve been reading my posts), but I think it’s all about balance.

All of this to say that I may have stumbled upon one of the best vegan joints I have ever been to.


Let me start from the beginning…like every good story, this one starts with doughnuts. There has been this vegan doughnut place I have been wanting to try and so we set out to do just that, but we also wanted to grab some lunch.

We came across a place on Yelp called Organix. It’s a little vegan grocery store/vegan restaurant (kombucha shot for overtime I say vegan?). It has 3 wooden picnic type tables and benches to sit down and eat (you order at the register).

We ended up wanting everything on the menu, but went with the Chicken Bacon Ranch, Jesse’s Taco, and the Barbacoa Taco.

We also ended up getting some vegan jerky to try out while we waited. The flavor was like jerky, but the texture was very soft-the hubs seemed to like it.


Now on to the rest of the food ( insert all of the heart eye emojis here)

The CBR had vegan chicken, coconut bacon, vegan ranch, grilled onions, lettuce and tomato on sourdough.


And a side shot so you can see all the yummy vegan layers (and yes, I did put the word vegan in there so you would take a shot 😀 )


The Jesse’s Taco was a corn tortilla filled with mushrooms, grilled onions, bell pepper, cabbage, salsa, and chipotle aioli.


Jesse’s on the left and barbacoa on the right

The Barbacoa (my fave) was slow cooked shredded jack fruit, cabbage, crema and pico also on a corn tortilla.

The food was incredible…I only wish we lived closer! That’s all for this post, but that doughnut post will be coming soon so keep an eye out 😀