Smorgasburg Sundays

This is part two of a pretty food filled weekend! Read about part 1 here.

On Sunday we headed to Smorgasburg to try out some yummy food! If you’re new to the blog and don’t know what Smorgasburg is, it is a food truck/vendor gathering that happens every Sunday. A lot of the places don’t have brick and mortar stores or they normally only do catering. It’s really fun to check out and try a bunch of new things.

They have everything you can imagine from Mexican to Thai to all kinds of fusion.

We love Smorgasburg, but it can get kinda crazy with the lines and figuring out what you want.

You definitely should not come hangry because there is a certain amount of patience needed at these food truck things, but we always have a good time!

We walked around trying to figure out what we wanted, what sounded good, looked good-all the requirements to set yourself up for a good food truck day 🙂

We ended up getting some burritos and I cannot for the life of me remember the truck. We got a chicken and a beef. They were super simple, but tasty and did the trick of holding us over till our next stop.


Little Llama Peruvian Tacos was that next stop and man was it a LONG one. It took 30 minutes from the time we got into line to getting our food and it was pretty painful 30 minutes if I’m honest.


We got a couple of their chicken tacos and one beef. The chicken was our favorite of the two! I think it was worth the wait though. The flavors were good and look at how beautiful this presentation is-so colorful. A feast for your eyes and tummy! Gotta love that!

While eating our hard earned tacos we spotted Wanderlust. Wanderlust happened to their usual ice-cream place and another station that was selling these ice-cream bars.


They looked small and like the perfect ending to our little Smorgasburg adventure. I got the mango flavor and hubby got the ube I believe. They coat the ice cream bars right there at the station with their white chocolate coating and toppings. I don’t know how they got the shell to harden so quickly! They were both very good 😋

It was a great day at Smorgasburg!

Do you guys have anything like Smorgasburg where you live?

Smorgasburg Pop-Up

This post is SUPER late, but I really had so much fun that I had to share. You guys know how much I love Smorgasburg! It’s always such a fun way to find some good local eats. So when the hubs said they were having a pop-up in Santa Monica I was all about it.


Wet hair courtesy of the rain 🙂

Similar to our first Smorgasburg experience it was POURING rain, but we braved the downpour and were rewarded with lots of fried chicken and some yummy churros!


Our first stop was BaoHaus where we got a Spiceland and a BirdHaus-messy, delicious and would DEF get again!


Next we kept the theme going by stopping for fried chicken sliders from Daddy’s Chicken Shack. I mean c’mon how adorable are these little guys…


These were tiny, but the sliders come 3 to an order

Our last stop as it is a lot of times was Churro Boss, but we realized they were cash only and it hit us that we had no cash on us. Friends, we hummed and hawed but we ended up trekking back to the car in the rain to get cash and walk right back.


If that doesn’t say anything about how good these guys are then I don’t know what will. We got our usual with sweet and condensed milk and it was absolutely worth the rainy walk!

If you live in LA and haven’t checked out Smorgasburg I HIGHLY recommend it. It’s just a lot of fun and there are a lot of great people selling a lot of great food!

If you have been let me know who your favorite vendors are!

Lunch at Smorgasburg

If you’ve ever been to any type of food truck/market/vendor event then you know it’s hard to not just hop from spot to spot trying a bit of everything. That is normally what we do at Smorgasburg, but this time around we showed some restraint (we can’t believe it either) and had an actual mini-meal of sorts!

We started off with some sweet potato fries from The Plant Burger. These were seriously the best sweet potato fries ever. They were thin and crispy and salty and sweet. Just perfection!


We had to try out the fried chicken sandwich from Bolo’s. This is a Jidori fried chicken in a Hong Kong buttered bun. It was saucy, fresh, and delicious.


We wouldn’t be us if we don’t end our meal with something sweet so we went for Chichidango and got the strawberry passionfruit flavor. It was so refreshing and sweet, but the ice and fruit prevented it from being overly sweet.


We love Smorgasburg and enjoyed checking out these new vendors! Have you tried any of these spots? Tell me about it in the comments below!