Torchy’s Tacos

I had heard a lot of great things about Torchy’s and so when we learned that they had opened up Torchy’s in OKC we had to check it out.

The siblings all went out one afternoon and had some tacos ๐Ÿ™‚

I got 3 tacos:

Mr. Orange which is blackened salmon, corn and black bean relish, cotija cheese, cilantro, and avocado sauce. This was light and fresh and had good flavor, but may have been my least favorite of the three.


Chicken fajita which is grilled chicken strips, grilled onions and peppers, pico, cheddar jack cheese, and tomatillo salsa. This was messy, but delicious and honestly just tasted like a fajita.


Chicken fajita on the left and The Wrangler on the right

I also got a breakfast taco-The Wrangler which is potatoes, eggs, brisket, and cheddar jack cheese with tomatillo salsa. This was my favorite! I loved the tender pieces of shredded brisket and the bite of potato. It was amazing! I’m sad I didn’t get to go back and have more of these…

The hubs got a salad and shared my tacos (thank God because my eyes were bigger than my stomach…what’s new?)


This looked yummy and he said it was good!

For dessert we had their Lil Nookies. This is fried chocolate chip cookie dough that they dust with powdered sugar and you get some cherries to go along with it. These were AMAZING especially warm. They were gooey and chocolatey and crisp on the outside…just be warned they are super rich and pretty sweet!


I didn’t think I would enjoy Torchy’s as much as I did, but I really loved it and would definitely go again.

Do you have a Torchy’s where you live? Do you love it or can you live without it?

Cauliflower Tacos

Soon…I love roasted cauliflower and I love tacos so I combined my two loves to make some cauliflower tacos ๐Ÿ™‚


The truth is I had some cauliflower that needed to be used up and some corn tortillas that were on their last leg so this was my solution!

If you want to make these just know it’s super simple and easy. I cut up my cauli into even chunks and placed them on a greased pan and threw some taco seasoning on it. I was being lazy and didn’t mix it together-I highly recommend you rub the taco seasoning on so it sticks! Roast at 425 till nice and golden (40-45 minutes)!

I heated up my tortillas and smushed in some avocado for healthy fats. I served it with some massaged kale and called it lunch.

Although I did have to wait for the cauli to roast I was able to do other things so this was a pretty easy meal to prep even in the middle of the day.

If you make these let me know how you like them!

A Delicious Weekend

Here is a weekend recap with food (so basically, the best weekend recap)!

Tacos from a taco truck! The chicken was our fave…


Lobster nachos from Lobsterdamus! Noms!


Tried an arepa (this one had chicken salad)


Middle Eastern flavored burrito


Donuts because how could we not?


Sponge cake filled with cream from JJ’s. We went for the mango cake mochi thing, but they had none ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


Burgers…if we had pizza we may have hit all our major food groups! Darn!


What did you eat this weekend?



Hole Foods

I thought it would be fun to share snaps from this weekend of eating! If you’re about that clean eating life donut worry because we ate so many colors ๐Ÿ˜…

Morning coffee in this adorable new Target mug


Workout and breakfast at the gym! This breakfast burrito had scrambled eggs, turkey bacon, cheddar cheese, and potatoes. So, so good.


After showers we headed out to Colorado Donuts and indulged in these babies:


Later on we split some tacos from our favorite vegan joint-Organix. It was so good I ๐Ÿฉ have the words to ๐ŸŒฎ about it!


I ended up having some unpictured T-Bell and we shared some macarons and ‘buch for dessert #health

We did some grocery shopping Sunday and found these delicious honey mangos at Sprout’s and bought some. They were so sweet and yummy!


We ended up going to the Grove and I had my first beignet…

This beautiful, doughy, pillowy glazed creation ๐Ÿ˜

And some treats from Dominque Ansel bakery. We got the DKA which is a flaky, caramelized croissant creation. The green and white thing is this matcha and passion fruit mousse thing which was amazing in all it’s flavors and textures. They were passing out madeleines to sample so we had one of those too!


Donut judge ๐Ÿ˜‚, but we kept the hole food eating going by swinging through California Donuts


We ended up holding on to the donuts until after dinner…we had Vito’s pizza which was incredible as always!



If you’ve made it through this many puns than share with me some of your favorite food puns in the comments below! Thanks for sticking it out, you donut know how much it means ๐Ÿ˜


I probably should have done this post before the Hawaii posts, but who cares about chronological order? AmIright??

We had a couple of days off together before our trip and we decided to make the most of it by doing some exploring and some eating. I thought I would share some of those pics with you just for the fun of it!

We’ve really been loving Mendocino so we came back for the Study of Heat and Veggie burger



We never can resist a good frozen treat and these were…well bae ๐Ÿ˜‰

We discovered JJ’s bakery before this trip and if you get ANYTHING from this place check out their mochi cake cream creations. I don’t even know what they’re called other than amazing!


Mango is the best!

We may live in California, but we’ll always be OKC Thunder fans ๐Ÿ™‚


Us at the Thunder game!

Prime Pizza for a slice of cheese



What tastes great after a slice of pizza? Well, tacos of course! White Boy Tacos had been on our food bucket list for a minute so it was great to finally stop by and check them out.



I hope you enjoyed this random post with random pics! I’ll see you on Monday!!


If you know me at all you know that I have a true love for breakfast and brunch and an even truer love for taco so during our excursions last weekend we decided to make a pitstop for some tacos at HomeState.


I had a nagging headache, but the delicious smells and happy vibes in this place plus the fact we had tacos coming our way made me one happy human!

We ended up getting their queso (cheese sauce for those not familiar with Tex-Mex). The queso was good, but I wouldn’t have minded a bit more heat ๐Ÿ˜‰


We got 4 tacos total and since my sweet hubs is not a die-hard breakfast person a couple were non-breakfast tacos.

We got the blanco which included egg whites, mushrooms, monterey jack.


The pecos which had eggs and brisket


The chicken which was achiote, guac, and cabbage slaw


The picadillo which was ground beef, potatoes, carrots, cabbage slaw, and pickled jalapeรฑos


The tacos were so good and the freshly made flour tortillas really added extra goodness to each taco. We always ask ourselves after visiting a new place if we would return and for this place it was a definite yes!


Lamb Tacos

God knew a girl couldn’t live off pizza and burgers alone and that, my friends, is why tacos were made #factsbyjess


Now that we’ve gotten some history out of the way let’s move on to the food-specifically these lamb tacos by Plated.


The lamb/beef mixture was seasoned with vindaloo paste and there was a fresh and crunch onion and cabbage slaw to top it all off. This was a super quick meal to make and honestly not too much actual cooking involved.


Yogurt and cilantro sauce + cabbage and onion slaw

Besides the meat the only thing that needed to be heated up were the tortillas. This would be a great weeknight meal since even the prep was minimal.


These tacos were different from typical tacos in that the meat was spiced with Indian flavors and instead of having a naan or pita for the carb it was an actual flour tortilla. Then you have the cabbage slaw, but it all combined pretty nicely to create one (or three) delicious taco(s)!

What are some of your favorite types of tacos? Let me know in the comments!


Late(r) night eats

Now, I can’t tell you that eating tacos and burgers late night is the best for you, but for us it happens on occasion and I just look at it as part of a balanced lifestyle ๐Ÿ˜‰

We had family in town so after the hubs got done with work we met up with them. They had eaten dinner by the time we met up so we figured we would just grab dinner after.

We walked around LACMA and the Grove with them and then we were on the hunt for dinner. By this point we were ready to eat! We settled on Plan Check since we had heard good things, but also because we had heard of their ketchup leather.

We ordered tacos and their Plan Check burger plus some broccolini #getthosegreens


I think my favorite were the tacos, but honestly everything was super delicious.


The ketchup leather was sweet and lent an almost bbq type flavor to the burger.


Post dinner we decided to stop by McConnell’s for ice-cream. We split their double scoop-he got a scoop of double PB chip in a cone and I got the sea salt cookies and cream in a cup. So sweet and creamy!


It was definitely a top-notch food night for us and we enjoyed every last bite!

A Vegan Lunch

It may be hard to tell from my posts, but when at home I tend to eat vegetarian for the most part. I enjoy eating lots of veggies and I find that my body does pretty well on it ๐Ÿ™‚ย We also enjoy our fish and burgers (as you may know if you’ve been reading my posts), but I think it’s all about balance.

All of this to say that I may have stumbled upon one of the best vegan joints I have ever been to.


Let me start from the beginning…like every good story, this one starts with doughnuts. There has been this vegan doughnut place I have been wanting to try and so we set out to do just that, but we also wanted to grab some lunch.

We came across a place on Yelp called Organix. It’s a little vegan grocery store/vegan restaurant (kombucha shot for overtime I say vegan?). It has 3 wooden picnic type tables and benches to sit down and eat (you order at the register).

We ended up wanting everything on the menu, but went with the Chicken Bacon Ranch, Jesse’s Taco, and the Barbacoa Taco.

We also ended up getting some vegan jerky to try out while we waited. The flavor was like jerky, but the texture was very soft-the hubs seemed to like it.


Now on to the rest of the food ( insert all of the heart eye emojis here)

The CBR had vegan chicken, coconut bacon, vegan ranch, grilled onions, lettuce and tomato on sourdough.


And a side shot so you can see all the yummy vegan layers (and yes, I did put the word vegan in there so you would take a shot ๐Ÿ˜€ )


The Jesse’s Taco was a corn tortilla filled with mushrooms, grilled onions, bell pepper, cabbage, salsa, and chipotle aioli.


Jesse’s on the left and barbacoa on the right

The Barbacoa (my fave) was slow cooked shredded jack fruit, cabbage, crema and pico also on a corn tortilla.

The food was incredible…I only wish we lived closer! That’s all for this post, but that doughnut post will be coming soon so keep an eye out ๐Ÿ˜€

Blue Apron: Spicy Tacos

A little while ago we had some late night tacos for an impromptu date night! Well we decided to make our own late night tacos with Blue Apron.


This meal did not have as much prep as the Spanish Style Eggs did in our last Blue Apron dish. This was great because I came home from work and put this meal together on my own since hubs was still at work! By the time he got home all we had left was heating up the tortillas.

The prep and assembly were pretty simple. This dish included a “salsa” of halved cherry tomatoes and jalapeรฑo doused with lime juice. It had a side of creamed corn which was pretty easy-sour cream and pan seared corn kernels. The beef crumbles were seasoned with salt, pepper, tomato paste, and a chipotle sauce.


When I saw the word spicy, I was super excited! I like spicy, not burn your taste buds off spicy, but a flavorful spicy. Disappointingly, this dish ended up being more sweet than spicy.

The creamed corn was sweet from, well, the corn. The meat was sweet from the tomato paste. The chipotle paste that you were supposed to add based on how spicy you wanted it was more sweet than anything else. BTdubs, I added the WHOLE thing.

We were both not fans of this meal. There was nothing really bringing all the components together (if that makes sense?) other than all the sweetness. That being said, we all have different palates and enjoy different types of flavors so you may really love this dish.

If we continue with Blue Apron I know this will NOT be a dish we try again! If you have Blue Apron have you tried this dish? What are your favorite Blue Apron dishes? Let me know in the comments below!