Hello Fresh: Chicken Sausage Pizza

Welcome back to another meal 🙂 Today I am reviewing the pizza that we got through Hello Fresh.


In the process of washing the produce and prepping the ingredients…

I was not super excited about this one because I am not a sausage fan in general, but our last meal was super delicious so I came into it with an open mind.

This dish had a pre-made crust, zucchini (to be roasted), sausage (obviously), shredded mozz, and crushed tomatoes. It also had some fresh oregano which was so deliciously fragrant!

Prep was even more minimal with this meal than the bbq chicken dish so that was a plus. I do find chopping veggies to be soothing, but some days I’m starving and don’t have the time (or patience) to do all that work.


Zucchini roasted and pizza about to be topped and baked!

We also ended up making a side salad to go with this dish since it had only the pizza for your meal. Besides that, we do try to have a side of veggies with whatever meal we have so making a salad was a great way to boost our veggie intake 🙂

The pizza (which was actually more of a flat bread) was good. The roasted zucchini, tomatoes, and sausage paired very nicely to create variance in texture and flavor.


The final product (we didn’t even slice the flatbread) 🙂

I would give this pizza a 4 out of 5 flatbreads. It was good and I would recommend, but I wouldn’t get this particular recipe again.

That’s it for this post! Stay tuned for the final meal we got next Monday 🙂 Have a lovely week!


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