The new norm

Hello Friends,

So I haven’t actually written up a post in a minute because I had some that I had scheduled earlier. I have a couple of more scheduled posts that will be coming out, but I wanted to interrupt because there’s so much craziness happening in the world right now.

The hubs and I both work in healthcare so we have continued to go to work. I’ve only ever worked inside of a hospital (never a clinic or any other facility) and we are always taught to be flexible and keep moving along with change. The virus is definitely sharpening that skill in all of us.

In terms of day to day life we have been having way more meals at home. We’ll order out a couple of times a week just to change it up and not go completely crazy. We are also super lucky to live within walking distance of a couple of grocery stores so we can get our exercise when we have to get more groceries.

Speaking of exercise-that’s been a big change too. I love my workouts at home but I love switching it up with the gym. Since our gym has been shut down I’ve been trying to doing my HIIT sessions and tried to go for a jog today. Sadly running is always lousy for me with flat feet and shin splints so I need to figure something out.

I do think I will be making the most of the free workouts on YouTube and including some yoga for a little change up. We have been trying to get in some walks-again for sanity and fresh air.

There’s so much unknown and so we’ve been trying to keep somewhat of a routine and maintain our home as a safe and positive place for us to retreat to.

I am sending all of you guys so much love and hugs and positivity during these uncertain times. Please let me know what you’ve been up to and how you’re handling the changes?

I know together we can do this! Till next time friends!

4 thoughts on “The new norm

  1. don't give a jam says:

    i definitely need to check out some youtube workouts! i’ve only been leaving the house to walk my dog as i’m able to work from home, trying to stay positive 💛 hope you’re staying safe & sane, i’m sure this isn’t the easiest time to work in healthcare

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