Delicious Eats From This Past Week

Hello hello!! Today I bring you some of my tasty eats from this past week.

I woke up one morning craving an egg+cheese+croissant sandwich and decided that it must happen ASAP. When your girl is determined she gets it done! It was absolutely drool worthy…


This grilled cheese was what I opted to eat because hunger hit on our way to Santa Monica and I needed some yummy food to hold me over till we got there…


Once we reached Santa Monica we had this bowl of greens from a Sweetgreens (love that name!)


This is a dish I dreamt up and made…halibut tacos with guac and topped with cruciferous mix (I forgot to get a cabbage mix…oops!)


First time trying Pinkberry and it was phenomenal!


Continuing on with egg, cheese, and carb obsession…don’t worry I always have a big side salad 🙂



What have you guys been eating this week??


2 thoughts on “Delicious Eats From This Past Week

  1. Mrs.S LDN says:

    That croissant looks the business!! This week we have found a new sauce!! Garlic mayo, gherkin juice, paprika, harrisia powder, mustard and pepper, all mixed up!! Its like burger sauce but on another level!! Loving it!! xx

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